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  1. About a year ago or so, was watching a streamer go through FF6 for the first time and the music nostalgia kicked in, and composed a Medley of some of my favorite songs from the game. Tracks should be, (Terra's Theme / Forever Rachel / Figaro Castle / Shadows Theme / Celes Opera / Terra's Theme
  2. This is a soundtrack that I made for a D&D show for Tablestory on Twitch, figured I'd share it on here, in hopes that others would enjoy listening. I think one of my favorite tracks from it is the Citadel of Time.
  3. Honestly, i dont know about egypt, I got more of a Japanese vibe, cause it sounded like a koto being plucked or something like that. All in all, nice vibe to the track.
  4. Personally I'm always opened to seeing people's own take on things, It's why i'll listen to 10 different covers sung by 10 different people, because each person puts a bit of themselves into it. So seeing you're own personal take on the Opera Scene would also be great to experience, since usually with any song that has lyrics tied to it, can be interpreted differently based on the individual listening.
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