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  1. Oh yes, that would be a good project for the future! I will work on that when I compose these kind of tracks more
  2. A new finished track! I was thinking about some Studio Ghibli movies while composing this.
  3. Oh yeah, it could be that too! Thanks for the feedback
  4. I made a relaxing forest track :).
  5. Okay, thanks for feedback! Actually now I also wonder about that finger snap thing :D. Maybe it's a bit 50/50, it either feels nice or doesn't, depending on mood.
  6. Here is my new music track "Alone". :)
  7. Hello! I recently published new track "Pyramid". It has this Egypt kind of vibe or something like that.
  8. Hello. I just published my new music track "Free Fall" :). Guitar stuff. Check it out here:
  9. Yo! I just uploaded new music track "Jungle". Check it out if it resonates:
  10. Hi! I published my new original music track "Neptune". It's very chill music with synthesizer, piano and orchestral elements. Check it out on YouTube: Feedback is welcome!
  11. Here is my new composition called "Dream". It's very chill instrumental electronic music. I'm not sure where the inspiration comes, maybe some anime movie
  12. Hello! I released new original track called "Party Bell". It's electronic dance music featuring instruments such as piano, synth, saxophone and strings. Feedback is very welcome!
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