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  1. Ok, I've been looking at the presets for the 3xOsc, the TS404, and the SimSynth and fiddling with them for a few hours. I want to make a very gritty, low-end accompanyment buzz. Like DJ Pretzel used in Bomberfuzz to accompany the bass noise. I have no working kybard right now. I either need some preset file, if they are mass distributed, or help on what the OSC, SVF, etc can be used for. Thanks
  2. ok, try this, in each pattern, you can use the roll more than once, one roll per channel. BUT, if one channel has 1 measure of notes, and another 5 measures of notes, then the cycle on all lesser piano rolls will BE!......5! That is why for question 2.
  3. I have some question that should have quick answers. 1:When more than one piano rolls are in a pattern, their lengths all conform to the longest roll. An interesting time when 1=5 2:Can the roll be told to re-cycle through the notes after tthe last note is played, rather than at the end of the measure the last note is on? 3:Starting Automation, but I cannot even find the event editor. Guy with ninja Avatar: I'd obliqly say you have a codecs problem. I had severe compressed noise front all aounds play off the HD, but not from acd. It fixed itself on reboot, but is a good chance your comp has forgotten how to even understand what sound is anymore with certein codecs. But thats not my real opinion. forgetting is not having till the words are right
  4. I'm looking for a way to have different tempos of individual channels. when in the piano roll, I try to change them and but they return back to the original after a few notes
  5. For those of you who have played AMerican MEgee's Alice, The Jaberwock is immpossible to beat w/o saving after each hit. Anything could go wrong. You are basicly running in this very large area (()) -------- ---------- -----0------ ----------- -(())-- with heals at the (()) and the 0. He flies above you with firey breath that kills you in 2 hits and crawls on the ground. He's faster than you and can breath it out for 15 secs max. Its too easy to die
  6. When you first open up fruity loops, the sample song has, in pattern two, a line called short 3. After playing itself once, the sound swells slightly. This does this every second time. I'm not too able to find what is changing. This is 3.56
  7. what is he, the kid, and the voice saying? I can't really hear
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