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  1. "that's it, man....game over, man, game over!!!" Those words describe the entire piece right there. This work is in your face, backing off only to let you think you can breathe. Then it's right back to the slamming power Mustin puts into this remix. Reminds me of the first time Atma kicked my butt up around my ears when I first played FF6. Intensity, patience, and a snarling beastie that outweighs most small buildings just waiting to eat you alive. The sampling on this can be called simply sadistic, like you know you're fighting for your life, you're trying as hard as you can, and you know
  2. ...are easily clear in this mix. Reminds me of when I whooped the crap outta this game, long, long ago. CV2 is still one of my favorite games to this day, and this track is a beautiful reminder of that. The guitar riffs are well laid out and make a fine accompaniment. Excellent. -M.P. Reyart
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