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  1. Dude. This freakin' rules me. Simply awesome. This is definitely going on the OC CD I'm about to burn to listen to on my road trip to an anime con. Zelda rocks out, deep and angsty. Sweet.
  2. Wow! Incredible, man. I am an average technophile -- by "average," I mean I import albums, but I won't claim to know all there is about such a tremendous genre -- and I have heard a lot of stuff. Not only that, but I have heard many renditions of Mega Man themes, as I absolutely love the series. (My current obsession is Sonic the Hedgehog, but the blue bomber does hold seniority over the blue blur.) Where was I going with all that babble, anyway? Maybe I was trying to justify my right to comment, but then again, everyone has a right to comment, regardless of their aural background. Hmm. All right, nevermind that stuff. I must say, this is one of the most fabulous Mega Man 2 remixes I have heard in a long time! My other favorites are the MM2 theme "Hero Remix," and the rock remix of the "Bubble Man" music. This just ranks right up there, mostly because I absolutely love guitars, and also because the MM2 Dr. Wily music is the shiznit. The most classic Dr. W theme ever, man. Love it.