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  1. You're being deliberately obtuse. There's absolutely nothing wrong with posting a link to a funded Kickstarter. It's not a charity. When you back a Kickstarter you get things in return, and you become connected to the project to stay on top of updates and other bonus stuff like stretch goals. That's completely different from posting a thread called "Give me money", unless of course you're offering things of appropriate value in return. And again, Jimmy hasn't "left OCR" just because he doesn't participate on the forums. He's involved in several unannounced projects among other things.

    At some point you need to stop being so cynical and negative, and instead of trying to troll and get people riled up, contribute positivity instead.

  2. Just drag the NKI patch into Kontakt, simple as that :)

  3. Sure, shoot me an email - aaversa@gmail.com - might take me a little bit to respond but I'll try to help!

  4. The Community forum is best. Also YouTube is fine, you can always change the video prefs so only people with the link can see it.

  5. Sure! Let's talk more via email, much easier for me to respond to cleanly. admin@zirconstudios.com is my best.

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