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  1. i know i couldnt afford it and by next year ill be in the air force about to ship off to kadeana so no blizzcon for me...saddness
  2. Hey would any one happen o know the password to get the murloc pet in the rouge part of IH i think you have to goto blizcon to get it and while that would be cool i cant afford that on my budget but a murloc pet would be fun
  3. Hey there, I've been around for a long time but mainly as a ghost, never posting but maybe once or twice randomly. But decided to become more active. I'm a pretty fun loving guy, I'm a gamer/nerd or whatever you kids call it these days. Big fan of Gimmmick music and your basic punk, hardXcore, techno... well I like lots of music, cept rap not a big fan there. Anime is allways a fun thing to kill time with, I sapouse. Umm I've been told I have the attention span of a "three week old ham sandwich you'd find under you bed on an early thrusday morning". I'm trying to get back into college this summer for game design and what not. Im into body mods and tattos, have a power symbol on my left arm and my back is still a work in progress. Um any thing else you wanna know just IM me if im on , I'm useually pretty talkative.