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  1. Huh? I'm a Zombies Ate My Neighbors fan, I gobble up remixes, but this is really ZAMN in name only. There are a couple of familiar chords thrown in for good measure, but most of it is guitar freestyling with very little to do with ZAMN. It doesn't evoke ZAMN at all; the cheesy, B-horror feel that was present in everything is stripped bare, only present in the organ music which, here, does not represent anything and seems more like a circumstance than a tribute. I'm not going to say it's a bad remix. It's obvious a lot of work went into it. However, as a fan of the game and its music, I can't say this remix reinvents anything for me or stirs up any nostalgia. It's like listening to a standup comic rant about shoelaces, forcing a smile and saying "Yeah, kind of, I guess".
  2. I didn't wake up today expecting this to be the best day of my life, but finding a ZAMN remix when I loaded up OverClocked I discovered it would be. I for one am thankful NoppZ didn't stray far from the original, as I have to disagree with DJ Pretzel here and say that the original soundtrack is fan-freaking-tastic (In its own cheesy B-movie way). The ambience is brilliant. The only thing I think detracts from the remix is the tangent it seems to go off on about halfway in- were it shorter, I think it would be overall sweeter. I would love- LOVE to see more ZAMN remixes, but only of the original. As a huge fan of ZAMN I would be mortified to see anything from Ghoul Patrol (ZAMN's lesser known, awful sequel) remixed. SeattleOverCoat: I agree with you, having played both versions of the game almost religiously. However, the Genesis version is sadly lacking the super secret Flamethrower weapon found on (I believe) level 22.
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