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  1. Thanks to everyone who put in so much effort for this album!! Mega props to zyko for Backwards Room, that song has James Bond intro music potential
  2. Anyone see the episode of The Chappelle Show with the family who had the n-word for their last name? Now that will change your opinion of the word for sure! Great remix. Props Ubik and Zyko.
  3. Upon hearing Star Salzman's Incredible Singing Robot, the melody struck me as oddly familiar. I did some browsing in my media library, and sure enough, the trance segment of Rayza's Whirlwind is very much like the melody of Robo's theme. Cool and weird at the same time.
  4. Hellz yeah. Someone should make Konami put this in their next DDR iteration
  5. Dude, whether you write music for videogame or movie, it doesn't matter. You have TALENT!
  6. *listens to it again* Oh! I get it now, the very quick trills on the hi-hat are triplets. I thought dj Pretzel was refering to the main hi-hat beat, but that's in sixteenth notes. Ok, sorry for the confusion
  7. Very nice, but those aren't triplet beats on the hi-hat Glad to see another non-electronica piece. I've been meaning to make a South American style remix, and seeing as how Starblaze's mellow-but-groovin' mix made it onto the site, it gives me even more incentive!
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