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  1. Perfection - 5/5 I can't see anything wrong with it. I listened to it three times through, and then it inspired me to make a Overclocked Piano Remixes section in my iTunes: Mega Man 2 Dr. Wily's Wedding OC ReMix Mega Man 5 Good Night, Li'l Man OC ReMix Zelda2_Thelonius_Temple_High_ Mega Man Cutman Sonata OC ReMix Yoshi's Island Yoshi's Rag OC ReMix Mega Man 3 Blue Reflection OC ReMix Metroid Bluebase Incidental OC ReMix Zelda AmIEvil Jazz OC remix Mega Man 3 Gemini Salsa OC ReMix Super Mario Bros. 3 aquacadence OC ReMix Zelda 64 Lullaby Proximitus OC ReMix Super Mario 64 PearlSong OC ReMix Yoshi's Island CrystallineCaverns OC ReMix Golden Sun - Saturos Super Mario 64 SunkenSuite OC ReMix Your song heads it all up. Zebesian Midnight, SunkenSuite and now this are my three favorite Overclocked Remixes. I'd give them 6/5 but that's just silly.
  2. My favorite OverClocked is, and likely will always be SunkenSuite by djpretzel, but this is definitely a nice variation on the song. While SunkenSuite is pretty straightforward, and something you'd expect to hear in the next gen Mario game, PearlSong is simply a remixer having fun, and it paying off. I love it when people don't feel they have to stick with the one idea of the song. I like when people play around a bit with the melody, and make it their own. The only complaint is that the drums broke the smoothness of the song, and became more of a distraction. I know drums in a slow piece like that can be pulled off though, as they were in SunkenSuite. The_Wingless is one of the best here at OverClocked, and in my ratings (I rate 'em all on my iTunes, and sort by composer), he's the overall best, with one 3-star, one 4-star, and three 5-star songs. I have no problem waiting for any of his masterpieces.
  3. I thought it was great. I've rated all my hundreds and hundreds of OverClocked songs I have in my iTunes (I'm a Mac user), and it's one of my 5-star-rated ones. Many games from older systems have songs that are repetitive. The song from Yoshi's Island was repetitive, and don't think McVaffe can be hit for making the remix also repetitive. It's too gorgeous to even matter. 5/5
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