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  1. I really had no idea how this arrangement would be received. In truth, I'd given up on it until I came across something in my server logs that pointed back to the judge's forum. So, I *just now* found out TRTTS had made the cut. Woohoo! This was a lot of fun to do. Simplistic? Oh yeah. That's me to a tee. I've been composing and arranging for years, and I guess I've sort of developed a "sound" that's nice-happy-upbeat, but sappy in a Commodore 64 sort of way. That's why Moon Patrol was the perfect first-submission to OCR. Anyway, thanks for the comments and kind words. I've got my eye on a few oooooold pieces that I hope will bring back some fun memories. Anything but another Final Fantasy remix. Ack. If anyone's interested, there are a few interesting pieces and a great War of The Worlds bit I did for Halloween last year on my website. http://www.spookyblue.com/sounds.htm I'd love to hear reaction on that one. Thanks again! SpookyBlue
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