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  1. Hmm. Perhaps I simply have poor tase, but I really liked this song. Especially after the 1:12 mark, when it launches into the solo and the interprative segment. I would have liked better sound quality, but, hey.
  2. I'm surprised this doesn't have more reviews. It's been said in almost every post, but the piano introduction is just fantastic. Like Mazedude posted, this is a simple and beautiful piece. I think the simplicity adds to its beauty. Very nice work here, both of you.
  3. There is no music for this piece yet. The remixer improvized it. People are currently working on a transcription, though.
  4. I don't think anyone would have minded it being longer. Were you restricting yourself to a 6 min timeframe(Or was that restriction foced opon you)? Seriously, I really think it could have benifited by having more time to grow. I didn't find anything really wrong except for it's time, the trance section seemed to just get going when it stopped. Now this was a cool way to end it, it just made me really wish for more.
  5. I registered just so I could post a comment on this. (Okay, so there were other reasons. But this sent me over the edge when I was far away from it) This is simply amazing. The fact that it was improvised makes it even more amazing. Exellent.
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