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  1. hi hi i have to say that i'm biased. the day the world revived was my favorite snes tune ever and it's melody still haunts me to this day. that being said, i think this piece did a great job of being both original and as awesome as the original. while it doesnt have quite the same bittersweet feeling, it fights back with it's own intensity. -karl
  2. hi hi i'd just like to say, that was amazing. yeah, that pretty much sums it up. -karl
  3. hi hi I can remember playing river city ransom a long time ago...now i cant really remember the music from it, but after hearing this remix, i'm going to have to go back and play it again. beating up endless big eyed goons with baseball bats chains and brass knuckles is portrayed excellently in this remix. my favorite bit is the part after 2 minutes 50 seconds. karl
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