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  1. Alright, It's been a while since I've requested a sig.


    At the Top, I want it to say OCR, in text similar to this: cheers1.jpg

    and at the bottom, in smaller text, have it say

    "Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name"

    In some kind of Cursive, bar like text.

    Thanks (I'd do it myself, but I suck at photoshop)

    Edit: If you try to reach me, I won't be on again until Ttuesday (December 28th)

  2. I'm sory, but I don't have time to read through all the 99 pages, but is there a music writing faq? Something to help me write music would be nice.

    Many years from now, me and my buddy plan to do a Remixing help video series, but we need to learn to remix ourselves first. I got FL, and Hypersonic, and I've been messing around with it, getting to know the program.

    Any music composing/arranging help would be appreiciated.

  3. 8O The hardest boss fight ever was in Chrono Trigger if you took the Dark Omen ending....You had to fight some queen, then you had to fight the mammoth machine, then you had yo fight the queen in some robot siut that resembles Bongo Bongo, then, if you survived, you fought Lavos. Fist form is all the main bosses you fought in the game (about more than 30 bosses...), second form is some lavos's larva, then you fight lavos himselff, and he has over a million hp. You have to do this all without saving, and you don't get healed betweeen bosses. 8O Somebody please feel my pain! :|
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