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  1. McC2 is so imbalanced that it eventually balances itself out.

    I'm not going to believe this news until I see it reported on another site. Somehow, I really doubt that Capcom would make this 360 exclusive. A lot of Street Fighter and the VS series's fanbase are PS3 owners. Cautiously optimistic still.

  2. has anyone else noticed that the running animation in the preview isn't even good? he looks like he's supposed to be walking, and in the preview they didn't even take the time to make a stopping animation for him.

    i can't tell if they're trying to get something out quick or just cutting corners because they think people won't notice

    This has actually been addressed.


    Q: Is the running animation in the trailer what Sonic's fastest running animation will look like in Sonic the Hedgehog 4? It looks kind of slow, don't you think?

    A: Actually, it is not his fastest speed! There is a faster animation for Sonic's running that was not shown in the trailer, and is more akin to what you might be familiar seeing from Sonic 3 & Knuckles or Sonic CD.

    This is so weird.....Sega's actually listening to us....

  3. Maybe one day, Nintendo will offer DSi downloads of old GameBoy games, like how the Wii has all those retro games.

    I do wish they had put that GBA Mega Man collection out, though. Having all five in one cart with better graphics and sounds would have been great.

    I'm hoping for that too. But I think the reason why it hasn't been done yet is the same reason the GBA Mega Man collection never came out. The code for most GB games were simply not kept around. Although I'm pretty sure GBA downloads are pretty possible.

  4. Well blow me down. Sega is making an effort to not rape my childhood.



    That's right, Sonic, and only Sonic. None of this Shadow the Hedgehog, Blaze the Cat, Faggot the Woodchuck, Poochie the Dog bullshit.

    Remember Badniks? Well, Sega finally did.


    Look at that. Looks like it had some actual effort put into it. Doesn't look like Sonic Team thought "Oh yeah, he makes robots." and shat out some piece of shit Phantom Menace reject.

    Sonic cycle status: Phase 1

    Normally, we're on phase 2 at this point. So we know the art direction and character list will be great. Sonic Team has just the two most important aspects to get right: Level design and controls. I don't want another "Hold Right The Game."

  5. Disney fairytales are still pretty sanitized. Hell, even Grimm's versions of the fairytale stories are distilled from their original form.

    Also, Walt Disney was originally going to do a movie based off of John Carter of Mars instead of Snow White. Imagine how different history would be if he did that. There is an adaptation of John Carter of Mars in preproduction by Pixar, although I think they're gonna use a different studio name to avoid backlash against any unsuitable content for children.

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