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  1. Yet another great mix from GrayLightning. Very nuanced and subtle, with several moments where the music comes into the foreground enough to really pull you back in as you drift out. This is the kind of song that sounds a little boring until you start paying attention to everything that's going on at once and realize there's so many layers and so much texture. This is a definite winner.
  2. The best part is the part where the guy from Aliens comes on and says "Game over, man! Game over!" and the music gets really nutty. Awesome remix
  3. This song is well-produced and definitely captures the emotion of the original piece. The drumwork is also really interesting. I really like the pads used here, they seem to flow into your head so smoothly and carry you along. A great mix.
  4. This is, as usual with Mazedude's work, completely awesome. I love how experimental it sounds, even more so than usual for Mazedude. Keep up the good work
  5. Absolutely f***ing amazing. Mazedude, I officially crown you the best game remixer. This shames even Ailsean's most emotionally-wrenching guitar mixes. Brilliant work.
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