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  1. "Plok" and "Lester the Unlikely." Got 'em for $5 from my local nostalgia purveyors.
  2. All the old Ormgas admins, myself included, didn't have any time or driving interest in maintaining the stream. LiquidRain approached me in IRC with an offer to host, and, even though about 10 other Ormgasians made similar offers, LiquidRain had the right ratio of followthrough-ability to asshole-etry. ravon, w-ber, and I discussed it briefly in admin forums, and then ravon ignored the whole thread and stealthily handed it to Liquid behind our backs, the sneaky devil.
  3. While I am often inclined to agree with this sort of thing, the Japanese was entirely justifiable in this case. This song was designed for and by Western ears (presumably the vast majority of the visitors to OCR are Western). When you listen to something in a foreign language, the mind does not attempt to realize each word and acertain its meaning. Thus, by using Japanese in this track, she made the voice layer something warm and ambient; this ambience would have been impossible with an English language track. I didn't read the translated lyrics, nor do I care what they say. This song soun
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