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  1. again, why is this a ff song when only 2 of the 6 minutes are from ff.
  2. seems like the majority of this song is from Chrono Trigger, so why is it a ff mix?
  3. anybody ever try to beat smash tv without cheating? its nearly impossible
  4. i dont think the kick is too loud. dont you like to feel your music and not just hear it? maybe u guys need to buy good speakers(maybe u do have good speakers just sensitive ears).
  5. nothing about illusion of gaia was hard and culex was easy if u got that super heavy shell armor thing and put it on the princess(she wouldnt die and could heal anybody that did die).
  6. i realize that ff9 probly wasnt the most popular game, but anybody who has fought ozma and hasnt declared him as the hardest boss alive must be insane! .....
  7. yeah, thats his name....grrr that stupid cat tricked me the first time...and the first monster i beat up cause i thought it was a trick.
  8. i dont know if anybody has said this yet, but the hardest rpg boss was that stupid secret sphere monster in ff9...this guy was made to be the hardest boss(by squaresoft at least). he had spells that would kill your whole party in one hit, even at lvl 99! i forget what he was called, but i know for a fact he is the hardest boss in the final fantasy series(because he was made to be the hardest). few have beaten him
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