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  1. Hm, it's pretty nice, I like it. It has a very soothing, ambient flavor. Somehow the main melody is a bit off place when you've heard the original. Makes you think "cheesy parody." It sounds more like normal Melodic Trance than Hard Trance or Techno. I don't exactly know why, but it's pretty irritating to listen to with head phones, the panning's sorta strange. So much to my opinion..
  2. Really nice work, although I have to agree everything's a bit thin und dry for a techno track (Or rather Trance, which is often falsely labelled as Techno). The bass is a bit too unseeming and soft, you should add some more kick to it, in my opinion. A bass drum with more thumping electro-character maybe, and the bass line - it's really catchy - make it louder! I think that would be a nice contrast to the rather soft lead. You should try adding some ambient synth sweeps to fill out the background, you've basically only got lead instruments and percussion. The melodic work, no criticism there, really nice work! (Further elaboration on the difference between techno and trance: Trance refers to a synth-based music genre which is generally soothing and relaxing in flavor. Ambient sweeps are often combined with gate masks to ambient soundscapes. A steady 4/4 beat accompanies this progressive, repetitive melody. Hard Trance, a more powerful version of Trance is often labelled as Techno, with its slightly "dark" character. Techno itself is a very abstract electronic music branch, it has basically the same structure of trance, but isn't progressive, it's more chaotic and random. A very lively and changing beat, sometimes with very weird time signatures, and metallic, machine-like sounds accompany minor melodies. You find sudden changes of velocity and times signatures, breaks and sometimes the whole thing even reverses itself to suddenly forward again. Oh my, have I been ranting.. Well, hope you didn't fall asleep. If you did, turn up Mark Oh's "Never stop that feeling" to full volume and enjoy your blood curdling in your veins.)
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