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  1. DarkeSword's post in Skill Issue was marked as the answer   
    The skill pages referenced a specific database view that broke after we made some changes to the user's profile fields. I've rebuilt the view to ignore those fields.
    The skill pages now work again.
  2. DarkeSword's post in Bound Together Album Site was marked as the answer   
    This has been updated. Thanks.
  3. DarkeSword's post in Audio uploads in the comment fields only playable when logged in was marked as the answer   
    Thanks for the detailed report. This was another side-effect of adjusting some permissions with recent group changes.
    I've fixed the permissions for Guests to allow attachment downloading.
  4. DarkeSword's post in Problem with the upload function in the comments was marked as the answer   
    We recently got rid of the Contributors user group, which had certain permissions tied to it, but was vaguely defined on our end it didn't make a lot of sense to keep around. A side-effect of this was that upload quotas were tied to that group.
    I've adjusted the upload quota and permitted file types for Members. You should be able to upload again. Thanks for your continued participation in Workshop! Hope this helps.
  5. DarkeSword's post in Minor issue in RSS feed was marked as the answer   
    This is a limitation of Invision's RSS feed implementation. They adhere pretty strictly to the RSS 2.0 specification, which states that the author field is meant to be an email address, which they will not expose in an RSS feed due to privacy concerns.
    I know it *feels* dumb but there it is. Apologies. I suppose in the future we'll sign our Announcements when they're first-person style.
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