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  1. at first i couldn't hear the original melody in this mix, i didn't pay attention to the opening piano, i had to look up the song, and when i realized this was the Aris dome theme, it hit me like a ton of bricks. it must have taken some deep thought and consideration to move from the somber feeling of the original tune to the dancy techno that this mix evolves into. if any thing, this song is a must download just to hear the shift in musical genre, that and the awsome synth which gives off that dance floor feeling. a job well done...
  2. really awsome mix, its a theme befitting of a fighting Zelda, such as in SSBM and Wind Waker, this is a Zelda who dosen't put up with crap...
  3. ...this mix delivers on all fronts. It comes and goes like a dream, which realy helps it out since Link's Awakening was one big dream. Wonderfully orchestrated, it adds alot of imagination to the original, given that the gameboy didn't have the highest quality of sound. This is probably the best non-techno song on the site (at least of all of the songs I've heard). I strongly reomend this to anyone who's ever played this game, and to anyone who appreciates good music...
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