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  1. Earthen Ring (RP) > Meleganis (60 Rogue) > Horde > Warcry
  2. You're kidding right? The new expose armor is a nerf it isn't an improvement. I mean yes for your class expose armor had some application and it will increase but a percentage based expose armor is horrible for use on a shadow priest or a soul link lock. Furthermore heightened senses is going to cause a lot of rogues to shift their points around if they want to get it and could actually kill some of the popular builds out right now. The rogue review is a joke and if it holds then rogues saw nothing in changes as far as I am concerned.
  3. The prelim rogue review looks great. They look like they are making some very nice changes to the Sub. tree to actually make it somewhat viable. I still want to see if they will tweak the combat/ass tree's to make us at least make up some space on fury warriors in raiding though.
  4. Haven't noticed too many problems on my side. Although I must say Naxx is an awesome instance. Bravo to Blizzard for actually getting a raid instance about 80% unbuggy, not full of meaningless trash mobs, and with fun boss fights.
  5. If your combat log displays rage gains then SCT can display that to you.
  6. Some guilds don't have the time. My guild raids 5 nights a week. Monday, Tuesday, Wed, Thurs, and Saturday. Many of our members hold 40 hours a week jobs and just wouldn't have the time to help someone through quests to join our guild. If you get these quests done, get your own resist gear etc. it looks loads better to us as it shows that you can go out and are self-sufficient (something we push alot because it sucks to be farming consumables for other lazy people).
  7. It's funny watching a dwarf warrior with Lifegiving and Dark Edge just rip apart other decked out rogues. The Lifegiving Gem gives the warrior such a huge advantage versus a rogue if they use it right at the moment that most of the rogues cooldowns are not up. Check out this video if you want to see how overpowered the Gem is in a matchup against a rogue. I need to fight you again but yea zirc is pretty nuts with the amount of armor he has. Pretty hard to dent into him before he gets some health back from Renew's and Vampiric Embrace.
  8. Fury warriors with good gear will smash any rogues DPS. Next patch will have tons of rogues QQ'ing as mages are getting super buffed in a way that totally invalidates most of a rogues damage. I'm fine with a rogue as I hardly PVP anymore but I wish they would strengthen stealth a bit more and give us some new moves to deal with everyone elses class revisions.
  9. Only plate gloves with Immune to Disarm in the game are Stronghold Gauntlets (at least I think). Most two-handed warriors for a rogue are a push over now. I can evasion rush some of them down as long as they are not orc. The real challenge is fighting a board + sword warrior who is wearing 8/8 Wrath and has an Elementium Reinforced Bulwark + Lifegiving Gem. Dwarf warriors in this setup are probably the toughest fight as far as warriors go.
  10. Sorry to here it happened like that. What are your plans now if you don't mind me asking?
  11. Burn in hell... Had to study today and missed out on picking up a Drake Fang Tailsman as well. Oh well maybe I'll just hoarde all my points for Death Dealers.
  12. Yea nothing's dropping for me at the moment. All I really need are rings, trinkets and various jewlery.
  13. I will second the feral druid in end-game raiding situation. We currently have two feral druids with one of them being Rank 13 and they totally rock especially on the Nefarian encounter. They can sit back and intercept Draknoids that leak out and also shift into cat form for some extra dps. Also the +crit aura is a big favorite with the rogues! Zircon - Been hearing a lot about Ironweave and Vhell wears a couple pieces as well. We need to get back onto test so we can fight again as I want to bring that rank 13 druid in our guild. Also need to find a less laggy area to duel in.
  14. I'll second this right here. I don't think I've ever fought a priest on my server that played like zircon even though some of them sported the same gear or better. I definately want to get some more fights in with him as the second time we fought I did a lot better even though zircon still ended up pummeling me.
  15. Me and zircon are on the Test PVE server and its up just a bit laggy. btw... zircon 2 Meleganis 0
  16. Yea me and zircon are trying to get on right now. I'm putting down $20 on myself when we finally get on and I get a chance to duel him.
  17. He left NA, but yes he had a lot of time on his hands to pull that one off. What was even funnier was he is now the gleader of Curse.
  18. Fura (formerly of Nightmares Asylum) of Curse leveled to 60 in 5 days played.
  19. It is a fact that forcing a certain spec isn't necessary for raiding but no one can deny that it doesn't help. When you are learning encounters having every single tool at your disposal to help you down X boss makes a difference. Granted if you aren't racing to down a boss then it really doesn't matter or if you just have a guild group of knowledgable and highly competative individuals then I'd say spec doesn't matter
  20. I'm kicking myself that I forgot to hook up with you when the test realms came up zirc. Oh well it'll give me some time to get those final pieces from BWL before we get a chance to duel.
  21. The priest video was fantastic, but just like tons of other movies made to show off some crazy crits (naked rogue with worn daggers, Rank 14 warrior with tons of buffs, Mage/Lock with both now-defunct trinkts) 99% of the general WoW population will never see that kind of damage. Hell I was half-inclined to roll a priest after watching that but I'm too lazy to level another character to 60.
  22. No doubt the instance will be fun for some guilds that have been running BWL and MC for months but as Nat stated the loot to risk of the later bosses is pretty pathetic (baring the killing of C'thun and Ouro that is). Just take a look at Viscidious. When Death and Taxes first downed him he dropped some crappy shaman NR legs and less gold then some MC bosses.
  23. Wait till you see the trash past Huhu (and no I have not been at the helm of a character during the trash but I do happen to live right next to someone who is in a raiding guild on Mannoroth and have seen how "fun" it is)
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