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  1. Meh, you learn to deal with it. For one thing you can always leave the channel where said spamming is being done. You also have the /ignore command (although its limited to 40 people). One thing you can't really avoid is grouping with stupid people. For the most part I have grouped with my fair share of idiots and ninja's but I also met some awesome people along the way. One way to remedy this would probably be to join a server where someone you know is playing on and try to hook up with him/her and the people they know.
  2. You just summed up 80% of the population on most servers in WoW. Can't tell you how many times I have been in an alliance or horde capitol and some asshat is spamming all the channels with some epic item he just got. You get random crap like that one every server really.
  3. Damn Pally's.... They do die! I just have to fight them for about 15 minutes and hope that they aren't stupid enough to cleanse my crippling poisons so I can get away to restealth....
  4. I'd say a priest would be valued much more then a paladin, but it depends on your server and what faction you play on. Some servers have very low populations of priests but most of the time you have many more Pally's then priests. In PVE Pally's and Priests are heal and cleanse bots. That is most of the time (this is in high-end raid content) you will be spamming heals and cleansing diseases, poisons, you know the deal. Priests can spec for Shadow and put out some incredible damage. A good Shadow Priest is a very scary thing to battle for just about any class. If you want to concentrate on heavy PVP I would definately recommend rolling a shadow priest. Pally's are very dangerous in PVP too but I do think they are a bit more gear dependent.
  5. It all depends on what you really want to do with a rogue. Are you on a PVP or a PVE server? If you are on a PVE server do you like to PVP alot? You have many variations on rogue builds such as a 21/8/22 or a 31/8/12 or some form of combat builds. I am not a big fan of the combat build (I use a 21/8/22) but I won't lie that it is particularly good against plate wearing classes. I am a huge fan of 21/8/22 because of the flexibility Preperation gives you. Sure you relay on cooldowns a whole lot more (which sucks because you may have to wait 10 mins to duel someone again) but in BG PVP and world pvp Preperation is a good send. It really lets you turn a losing battle into a winning one. I suggest you browse through the rogue forums on the WoW site and look at some of the stickies to get a feel of what other builds you can toy around with.
  6. A good rogue will hardly pull aggro of a tank in Molten Core or other high end instances unless they get a string of crits. Using feign and vanish I've pulled aggro off the tank only a couple times. As far as vitality goes, with 5/8 NS and some enchants and other goodies a rogues HP can easily hit 4200-4500+. Rogues play a pretty important part in fights like Ragnaros where they can outdamage most other classes (except some sick fury warriors)
  7. Hmm, looks like they got to Nefarion July 15th. Site got hit very hard and they had to move to a backup and lost all their new updates so I'm not sure where they are now.
  8. BWL is a 40 man and so far no Legendary drops have been found there. Everything has been epic but most of those epics are quite a bit superior then MC epics. I know of two guilds that are currently working on Nefarion. Immortality on Skullcrusher and Fury on Medivh.
  9. That's pretty awesome. It took us 3 days worth of trys (about 15 or so attempts) to finally take the big dragon down.
  10. Yes the whole instance grind is very repetative and does get very boring after a couple weeks of doing it. The 40-man instances are great in the beginning. The change in difficulty from running 5-15 man instances to 40 man instances is a big leap. As far as class overhauls, I really don't think Hunters needed one. I don't play a hunter but I know plenty of them and when a hunter can place in our top 10 on our damage charts in Molten Core and PVP very effectivly doesn't need a huge overhaul. The hunters I spoke to about the changes said they were welcome but not necessarily neeeded. Paladins are finally getting some love in a ranged execute attack next patch but aside from that they are exactly what they are supposed to be. They aren't DPS machines, they arent healing bots they are a hybrid class. Battlegrounds is a mixed bag for me. On my server its almost a 2:1 Alliance to Horde ratio so Alterac is only up when it is planned out by both sides on the forums. Warsong Gulch has been dominated by Alliance pre-made teams so once in every three games you are looking to get steamrolled by an Alliance pre-made. Lag all depends on what server you are on. Mine is a medium-sized so the lag isn't that bad but I play on a couple PVP servers and on peak hours the lag is horrible.
  11. I play on Earthen Ring! Carebear for the win! (Friends picked this one and I came after them so meh -- Do have some alts on PVP servers though)
  12. Yea it does get boring as their is not much to do especially if you are in a raiding guild. Practically all I log on for now is when we raid Molten Core, Onyxia or any of the outdoor raid bosses. I hope that the new Arathi Basin is fun as WSG has got stale.
  13. This looks very awesome so far KyleJCrb. Definately looking forward to this.
  14. Being a pretty big fan of metal, I am very happy to see some more metal mixes and by Dennis no less. While the sound can be overpowering at times I thought overall that it was bearable because of all the energy that flows from the intense guitar playing. I commend Dennis for putting out an awesome mix and hope that he puts out some more similar to this one.
  15. While the orchestral part does just come in very abruptly and then disappears just as fast, the acoustic guitar is just oozing out emotions and I can really feel all that was put into the performance. Great to see a new Ryan8bit back on OCR with such an awesome song.
  16. From what I heard, Larry has indeed bought a new laptop, but the status of the show tonight is still up in the air. I think he gave a "maybe" but who knows. EDIT #2 - The show is on! (err not yet but it will be soon)
  17. Probably one of my favorite remixes from Adhesive_Boy and off Kong in Concert. The cello is just fantastic and the mellow-groove feel of the whole song is great. I loop this song all the time while I am studying or zoning out during hectic times. Awesome work!
  18. Awesome jazz piece, JiggonJonT's stuff just keeps getting better and better. Keep the good work up!
  19. The mellow acoustic sound is great. It may not be anything new, but it sure is nice to just kick back and listen to
  20. I'm not sure about the US release containing the soundtrack, but I managed to snatch up one of the Limited Edition Silent Hill 4 OST's from the Konamistyle website (someone picked one up for me while they were in Japan) and it is amazing. The main theme song is great, if you have seen any of the trailers, you have heard it its a song called "Room of Angels" I def. suggest importing the album if you can find a copy of it.
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