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  1. Most of the AQ40 sets are far from PVE oriented. Look at Conquerer's, its a DPS warriors wet dream. As far as most rogues wearing NS over Bloodfang thats mainly due to the fact that wearing 5 pieces of NS gives you +10 energy which is extremely nice for PVP. Bloodfang is not by any means a bad set but many rogues value that +10 energy that 5 pieces of NS gives you. Myself I am collecting BF due to the PVE 5 set bonus that increases the effectivness of feint. AQ40 can be compared as a parallel instance to BWL (although the bosses past Huhu are probably tougher then the comparable battles in BWL) and with Ouro and C'thun being bugged (although that might have changed with 1.10) most guilds have been having a hard time finding reasons to go into AQ40.
  2. Tremors ftw! How about the double tentacle spawnage ftw!
  3. Oh man... I hate that freaking thing. GG 2k+ Aimed Shot followed by a 2k Multishot crit. My guild recently downed Vael and is progressing onto Broodlord and beyond hopefully.
  4. Heh, I play on Earthen Ring as well -- Name is Meleganis, lvl 60 undead rogue.
  5. Hmm... it gets tough when you start wanting to run the higher end instances and no one else is motivated to do it. Just a heads up, Nightmare's Asylum is one of the top tier horde raiding guild and PVP guilds so it will be tough to get into but if you do you are sure to experience all the end game stuff first. I believe they were the first horde guild to clear to Nefarion in BWL.
  6. Suzu you might have more luck by going to a high pop server and to the larger faction. But from what I heard Smolderthorn was horde-heavy. End game instance really is where it pays to know people. Chances are one of these people you know will be in a raiding guild and might have a chance to get you in. If your guild is too small try forming an alliance with another guild or a couple of guilds to run through until you get the size to run MC, BWL, Onyxia, outdoor bosses yourself.
  7. Uh.. a no brainer. MoD 3. Depends, in PVP it is infintely more useful, but Slice and Dice pulls in a lot of damage in PVE
  8. Depends on your play style. I look at MoD as a talent that will help me find another stealthed opponent. I duel a lot alongside the BG's I do and whenever I duel a human rogue they are pretty much guaranteed to get the first hit in. If a human rogue is defending a flag in AB or WSG all they have to do is pop perception everytime it is up and if a rogue or druid is coming in at that time then they will see them. Yes MoD will help when moving in on just about any class but with most of the changes done stealth is pretty easy to detect or break out of so my value of MoD has gone down quite a bit.
  9. Well if you are human Perception makes MoD a moot point. Don't get me wrong, MoD is a great talent but perceptions change to allow it to be used in stealth really doesn't make it that crucial for a human rogue.
  10. So' date=' where do I take these 2 points? It seems to me that overall, lethality (instead of improves slice and dice) would be a much better overall choise than improved kick. What about MoD?[/quote'] Depends, are you a human rogue? If so I would drop MoD outright. If not then you might want to think of moving those two points out of Lightning Reflexes.
  11. Couple quick questions; are you primarily going to be PVPing or PVEing or both? Either way I would suggest looking into imp kick. A good mage is a very tough matchup for a combat rogue and 2 seconds of silence is very powerful in this battle. Also think about putting one or more points into expose armor as it really does help against plate or a feral druid in bear. I don't really see anything bad with the build either way just wanted to give my two cents.
  12. pre WoW GPA: 3.66 post WoW GPA: 3.76 Just gotta know how to control yourself. There are weeks where I raid and weeks where I don't touch the game until I am done studying or doing other things I need to prepare myself for tests/labs/finals.
  13. Thats an interesting composition there. My guild is currently also trying to down Rags, best bet we got him down to 44% and got eaten alive by the Sons. Tonight we hope to get a lot more practice on the sons and try DPS'ing him down good. We are good on staying alive for everything non-sons but when they rush out we haven't quite got our positioning down yet. Good luck to you guys on your attempts! EDIT - Rags down! Money Shot! 31% pre-sons, smoked the sons, killed him when he resubmerged. Only 3 deaths, was a pretty amazing fight.
  14. Aren't you on Smolderthorn? If so I thought it was horde heavy and on top of that one of the top-tier Horde guild's Nightmare Asylum transfered over.
  15. Go to any innkeeper and just click on the 'Trick or Treat' option. You might randomly get turned into something like a frog but most of the time you should get a Bag of Treats that has a wand or a mask in it.
  16. Just out of curiosity what guild are you in? Seems to be one of the bigger raiding guilds since they are the only ones that are taking down dragons like that. Lethon is tough though, we took a crack at him and some alliance ran in and botched our attempts. Also GG on the Emeriss shadow reflector bug. I laughed pretty hard about that one after reading about it.
  17. On my server the first Rag kills starting roll in about 2 months ago, which is very behind ball. Like zircon said most people were decked out in FR gear when they downed him. I know the first Horde guild to down him was rocking 200-300 FR depending on each person. So far my guild is mainly wearing 1-2 craftables from TB and we have got him down to about 60ish on our best attempt. It all is an experience game really. The fight seems to be a lot about positioning so on nights where we are killing Garr we usually run over to the area where Rag is fought and practice positioning for a good 30-45 minutes. Don't know if it helps but it wouldn't hurt to make sure everyone knows where they are going,
  18. Yea but I just love how epic some of the battles look even though it could just consist of you slamming on a couple keys. As far as 40 man raids in WoW right now. All the way up to Domo in Molten Core is a pushover. 20 people could be seriously playing and you can still breeze through the instance. BWL is actually an instance where one person can wipe a whole raid.
  19. Go go Lineage II 500 person raids!
  20. After having played Arathi for a couple weeks I can safely say that nothing has changed between WSG and this BG for pre-made teams. The pre-made teams that actually dominated had coordination to begin with in WSG. WSG really didn't need too much strategy. AB on the other hand is a very strategic battle and the pre-made teams that already had coordination in WSG are doing just as well. Pick-up's usually don't fare as well because you always have a couple people that won't listen/follow orders and in my eyes following orders in AB is what makes the difference between a winning team and a losing team.
  21. Then the problem arises when you get to endgame and all your guild does is raid Molten Core/BWL/Ony and you have nothing to really do in your spare time. You can go to BG's but then you just figure out that is a bunch of honor farmers with pre-made teams so you can either play in abysmall PUG's or make your own team. The solution PVP realms offer that is wide open world PVP which hasn't been seen on every other server since the introduction of the honor (and the dishonorable kill) system.
  22. Hunter is an interesting class to play. I have seen vids of a lvl 37 hunter killing a 60 rogue in full epics (4 pieces of Nightslayer, 3 pieces of Bloodfang). If a hunter catches a rogue with out his cooldowns he/she can easily kite the rogue to death. A hunter that can kite effectively is a tough battle for just about any of the close combat classes.
  23. Nefarion Down Drama on Shattered Hand did it
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