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  1. While well done and very pretty, i felt the remix lacked what the original had...the soothing and ephemeral emotion. For what it was it was good, but I only heard the main melody a few times...which that simple melody was what took one away...6 out of 10...keep up the good work...if not told it was a remix of the song i would have fallen in love...
  2. I dun think the review was kidding when it said Castlevania-esque....the begining sounds like Olrox's Quarters from Symphony of the Night, though other than that a wonderful piece YAY!!!
  3. Very well done......I love the original song and this does the original justice (and then some). The song really took off at about 2:02 when the melody was enhanced....LOVE IT
  4. Oh my god this is so adorable.....I have been listening to this song forever and I have memorized the lyrics. GOOD FRIGIN' JOB. Make a remix like this (with lyrics) with Spekkio's theme
  5. I love this remix......Mitsuda should take some pointers from you. This is much better than the original.....keep it comin'
  6. Holy hell.....I have been to London, and it is almost always foggy or raining lightly...and this song brings back memories....*wipes away tear* this song is the melodic personification of London
  7. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING....I have the original song....and as usual, the Remix is MUCH better...I like the way the sounds meld together...it makes it sound...IMO....like an ancient castle
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