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  1. well i know that this isnt really a boss, but this part of this particular game was just so damn hard for me. anyone recall a game called "worms armageddon"? the one level that i could not get past was the "microprose" level. that level is like 4 levels away from the last one, and i was so determined to beat that damn level... eventually i just gave up cause that level was so damn unfair. i came VERY close to using that thing for a frisbee, so that my dog could catch it and urinate on it. man that sucked.
  2. one more thing that i meant to point out about ff8's last boss being hard is that she levels up when you level up, so no matter what level your at, she's still a beyatch!
  3. ahh man i think i have to dispute this one. probabally the hardest boss i have ever faced (and thats me not everyone else) would probabally be ultimecia from ff8, until i figured out that you have to use lionheart, and the aura spell...normaly i would agree with euclid, but when i went to fight ultemicia the first time, i had all three guy characters leveled up to 100 (i didnt really use the chicks) and in the end it got down to just zell & irvine. i kept using limit breaks on her bitch ass, because she kept doing the attack that gets you down to 1 hp, and after like 30 min of this, she
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