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  1. the movement that starts at about 1:38 sounds very Andy Summers/Police-esque... interesting stuff... I was gonna remix this song, and probabally end up with something in this vein... guess ill have to find something else.... neat little diddy... maybe this one shoulda been called "Fight 'Em All!" in reference to its early Metallica sound... muy bueno!
  2. I guess im the first person to say something bad about this mix... The guitars could have been mixed better... No doubt that there is skill there, and the composition itself is good, but the rhythm guitar is all midrange, and it lacks the low end that you need for the style your representing. I can hear some palm muting being attempted, but the effect falls short because of the lack of low end... also me thinks the drums are lacking... it seems like this mix should be set at a higher tempo given its genre...and i think more time should have been spent on the drum programming... but flaws aside, there is some great musicianship going on here.
  3. hmm i don't really remember the original song that well, but that's not to say i don't like this remix... like they said its not real humanized, but its still good music, very soothing... got no complaints here, except SUCK MY TRIFORCE!!
  4. I don't know what Castlevanias you are playing... Good stuff indeed... kinda reminds me of the Megaman 2 remix Mattias Holmgren did... wish he would submit some other stuff... I'm Jealous
  5. Very nice indeed... I'd never be able to do anything like this probabally, because i'd want to actually be playing all the insturments, and since i don't even really know what's being played here, that will never happen... or will it?? I'll definitely be playing this the next time I do something naughty with my girl...
  6. listening.... do i maybe detect a bit of NIN in the first section?? this remix almost sounds like it would be at home in a castlevania game... very savy.... ooo a key change.... this sounds like some band... i cant think of who.... maybe a little marilyn manson? nice and funky... good sounding samples all around very plesant....
  7. 50 posts?? good god... i wish R&G stuff could warrant this kind of a response... good stuff indeed... but i was hopin for something a little more rock or metal from infamous amievil... well ill definately look forward to more..
  8. if your groin starts making music... be afraid.... BE VERY AFRAID....
  9. if you think this is bad, just wait till you hear what we put out next!!!
  10. probabally one of my fondest memories of listening to the radio was when i was listening to WRBC (mad props to the neighborhood psycho, and video armageddon game over) and i hear this song back to back with that little ditty "simon belmonts garage" (shamless self promotion) heh heh
  11. i gotta say that for the most part, this one didnt really float my boat... i did like the guitar synth thing that appeared about half way through... i personally dont care to much for hip hop, unless a FULL drum kit is utilized, with fills & stuff, then it can be pretty cool, but when its just a looped beat with little variance, i tend to loose interest... ... that said, this was still a very well done piece... but i think the biggest downfall is the original composition itself, because it dosent have much in the way of overall song structure (this is evident from vic viper's remix of the same song)... my personal tastes weigh more towards vic's remix...
  12. i really dig this one right up 'till the 2 and 3 min marks... the tempo changes seem a little ill suited to the styles....this one woulda been dead on had it not been for those tempo changes... take the afforementioned out, and this remix woulda found a nice home in the soundtrack to fight club.... definately nice work though for the most part
  13. exceeeelllent... more kind words... acid reflux?? naw... actually thats a quote from alien 3... after ripley gives a description of the alien... and the noise you speak of, which you probaball heard under that quote right?? im not sure exactly how nate made that noise, but it was with some fruity loops plug-in, and i think basically it took a noise and stretched it out, and such... err i dunno... but the desired effect was that it was to sound like a digerie-doo...
  14. all this song needs is geddy lee singing about tom sawyer over it.... heh heh :vomit: good guitar playing makes me jealous... i must make something better!! gyahhh hahahahahahahaha this one coulda used a bit of eq'ing in my opinion...
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