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  1. wow i never knew this song was on OC. the first time i ever heard it i thought it sounded similar SOAD, but i was unsure i was especially convinced after i got one of their albums for my birthday and gave it a listen and thought: man, they did not do that song. its just too happy and bouncy, and though i am a fan of SOAD, this is way better than they are. but that's beside the point. i LOVE this song. ive memorized the lyrics by heart. i scare people on shopping outings by singing it with my sister. but not only are the lyrics awesome...but the background music is brilliant! man, this song is like 100 out of 10
  2. Actually, i've been partial to this since I first heard it. I like the combination with the more traditional sounding balalaika, and the techno combined to make an extremely awesome sounding video game song sound even better still
  3. yeah i heard this some time ago and i was like, Wow! This is awesome! I love the adorable 'horse' sound at the end ~_^ I've played it for all my friends during Christmas to see whether they could recognize Mario or not.
  4. man........if i had a synthesizer goddamnit im only 15 i cant afford the one i want i would wanna be just like you, starman(excuse the abbreviation ^^ i mean, star salzman ^^; yeah even though i dont have one i still want to be like you and this song makes those feelings even stronger i love it i wont go through why cause i love every aspect of it ESPECIALLY THE LYRICS XD and its about time more people payed attention to robo
  5. man i have listened to this song repeatedly and am listening to it right now to get what i really think of it down which is awesome! a lot of people have been anal and say you sang offkey but it makes it seem more natural i guess....its hard to explain. i mean, you sing better than i do o_o it starts off like led zeppelin ^^ like stairway to heaven which is nice not exactly like stairway, but i mean in zepp's style, which is cool i love the lyrics...they convey the emotion so well, and i guess i like them cause some of the lines kind of applied to a predicament i am in at the current moment hey and i like the instrumental too...im not that smart with music but i couldnt see anything that bothered me about it. i mean, its better than a lot of the music i hear on the radio.
  6. you did beautifully on this, starblaze i was in a horrible mood and having terrible headaches when i got up and i listened to this song for the first time and with the beautiful acoustic music, etc everything just seems to melt away this is an awesome song, man
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