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  1. I know Belmont University has a pretty big-deal music / business program. Since they're located in Music City, there's lots of opportunity to learn about the business side of things.
  2. I was obsessed with Chrono Cross when it first came out. One day during math class, I was thinking about it instead of what was going on around me, and the teacher was calling names to take grades. When she finally got to my name, instead of saying my grade, I shouted "CHRONO CROSS," earning WTF stares from most of the class... and hyena-like laughter from all my friends.
  3. Thanks, IC. I'll try e-mailing Kevin for the sheet music. It's probably too hard for me too, but hey, for a song this cool I'll either play it or break my neck trying. w00t!
  4. Is there any sheet music for this song? I'd love to play it myself...