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  1. By far the best song Ive heard on this site. Every technical detail etched out and its friggin HI-LARIOUS! Kudos to Star for his excellent work. May you become immortal someday!
  2. You DEFINITELY can still lose. Go fight Nemesis with em in the Monster Arena. Talk about Pwnd.
  3. Yeeesh, I forgot about her. God she was an ass clown. Hows about friggin CyberAkuma Or Onslaught. They were dam near impossible for me until I ACTUALLY started figuring out when to attack. But M.Bison.....Whoa. You know how much I hated the battle in Street Fighter Alpha 3 when you do the mission mode. After you clear U.S.A which you think is the final stage.....WRONG. No, you go to that silly little island where you get REAMED by the 2 M.Bison dramatic battle. That Psycho Crusher was INSANE!!! It took me like 3 months to beat it with friggin Sakura.
  4. In seriousness, I think one of the HARDEST game bosses would have to Amakusa and Zankuro from the Samurai Showdwon series. Holy Crap they were little jackasses. 2 cents-In
  5. Oh the WORST boss ever would have to be that damn ball in PONG. How in the hell were you suppoed to beat that thing. No matter how mush you hit it it always bounced back. Oh and that damned Playsation 2 logo when you boot up your PS2.It never gave you enough time to beat up that thing. It would ALWAYS run away. Silly comments are needed when topics exceed 50 pages. They spice things up. 2 cents-In
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