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  1. This remix takes on a little heard tune from the Zelda series. This song is from the title sequence of Zelda 3, and it is one of the more elegant sequences. The OCR composer really does this song justice, adding the expected drum beat that permeates so many OCR songs. It works very well. Excellent song
  2. First off, I appologize in advance to the homosexual community for my upcoming choice of words... Back in the day, Dragon Warrior, while being a HIGHLY entertaining game, had the GAYEST theme song of any video game in history. I am sorry, but that over world music is not the music of a man who is about to save the world. I couldn't listen to that song for more than a few minutes. Then along comes this little song, Thou Art a DJ. My first impression: Wow. I had no idea that such a gay little NES song could be turned into one of the best dance songs on this site. The layered music, the smooth fades and transitions, the steady driving beat... this is exactly what this site is about. Taking simple, stupid little NES songs and making them into something so much more fun to listen to. Bravo to the composer! This one get's an A+!
  3. When I got to this site, I figured this would all be rocking, dancing mixes. That's a cool idea and all, but what about those times when I just want to chill out and relax? That's where songs like this come into play. This is a nice smooth, relaxing remix that would almost be depressing if I had something to be depressed about. Note: If you have recently been dumped, don't listen, as it will most likely make you sad. This song just has a very calm, sad sort of mellowness to it. It almost sounds like something out of "Gladiator" with the wing instruments used in the song. I don't know what happens in the game when you hear this song, but I kept picturing a death scene or something sad. That said, don't think this is just a mega sad song. It isn't. I am just saying it can be. The melody is easy to interpret anyway you like. Overall, this is a beautiful remix that leaves me in awe of the talent that this OCR has brough to the internet.
  4. This remix demonstrates how things are done around here. This is, for lack of a better word, perfect. It took a song that was already super catchy, and gave it more depth than I could have ever imagined. If Megaman 2 was released today, this is what Metalman's level would have sounded like. The best thing about this song is that if it was played in a club, it would be easy to dance to this. I just can't say enough about this song! I wish I was more versed in music and song terms, so I could better describe the song, but the best I can say is that this is the best remix on the entire site, hands down. Great job Dan!
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