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  1. Well I'm not sure what you could do with it exactly, unfortunately I'm no remixer tho I've tried in the past. I do know that part of the submission guidelines is that you need to somehow make it your own, you can have the theme in there, but you have to write your own parts to it too otherwise all you're doing is changing the instruments and adding a drum line. You have to add a bridge (no pun intended) that fits in with the structure of the song.
  2. Hey always nice to hear an attempt at a remix of the 8-bit Sonic game. It was my first Sonic, so it always holds a special place in my heart. I think you have a good start here, but that's all it is, a start. You really need to build on it more, and add your own flavor to it. As it is this is just the basic theme from the Bridge Zone looped over and over again, and all it's doing is bringing back the frustrating memories of act 2 where you have to go as slowly as the moving camera (always hated those stages in platformers, it especially made no sense in a Sonic game where you were supposed to go fast!) Anyway, like I said, it's a nice start, but it needs a lot more before you're done with it. Good job so far!
  3. Sure this is a nice remix, but I have listened to it too often. It kind of wears you down after a few listens because it's so repettative, and doesn't have any interesting twists after the bridge.
  4. Quite frankly I thought the song wasn't all that bad, but I expected to hear more of the Metropolis song than the Hydrocity. I was confused at first because the drum riff was for M, but the music started doing H. Two different songs from two different games threw me off a bit. Considering the title, I think there should be more of the Metropolis theme in there.