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  1. SUPER! I feel stupid for just posting about the other arrangement not having the bridge before listening to yours. It's absolutely wonderful. I won't say anymore.
  2. I'm also glad that someone decided to create an arrangement of the second Brinstar theme. At one point, this was my favorite peice from the soundtrack. The arrangement itself is interesting. As others have pointed out, the introduction almost turned my anticipation for the melody into a swift click of the "stop" button. I'm glad it didn't, however. The melody was very nicely done. Something about the vocal-like quality of a guitar, especially distorted and sustained, gives a simple melody new life. The only gripe I have with this peice is the lack of the bridge from the original track. The bridge is the part of the track that is played by the piano. This was always my favorite part of the track because it exemplified the somber, dark, ...lugubrious mood that I've always loved from the piano. The melody (of the bridge) itself is also extremely simple - it's just the black keys of the piano (yes, I believe it's in that key). I suppose recreating such a mood might be counter-productive with an upbeat rhythm and a distorted guitar. If I could arrange, I would make the track into a piano concerto, or maybe just a peice for strings. Something to the extent of Samuel Barber's "Adagio for Strings." (I HIGHLY suggest listening to this peice if you like that sad, melancholy, gut wrenching feeling). Well, for what it's worth, I thought this peice was above my initial expectations for the arrangement of this track. Thank you very much.
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