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  1. Sounds awesome! I think the only change left to make is the drums-- the drums need to be louder and given some more punch. I'll defer to the experts on how exactly to fine-tune their sound.
  2. OK! You want Tindeck, you got it. Here is the most recent recent version, completely remastered. I still don't think it sounds 100% pro but I think it's damn near good enough. Click here to listen to Yoshi's_Story_Someone_Keeps_Moving_My_Yoshi.mp3
  3. Giving this one a bump ... hoping to get some more advice on sound production specifically. Updated file: Click here to listen to Yoshi's_Story_Someone_Keeps_Moving_My_Yoshi.mp3 And thank you to those who've already offered feedback.
  4. Hey everyone. I have a remix that I'm working on. The version I'm posting here is more or less complete. I've only had one remix posted to OCR and it was critically panned, so I really want to make this one all it can be. Here's the concept: The Yoshi's Story theme, in the style of "Someone Keeps Moving My Chair" by They Might Be Giants. (hear the TMBG song .)Here's what I've got so far: Click here to listen to Yoshi's_Story_Someone_Keeps_Moving_My_Yoshi.mp3 (updated 11-24-2010) Update: I originally posted here looking mainly for comments on the production/mastering. I think I've got t
  5. Anyone got a clean sample of the Yoshis singing from Yoshi's Story? I'm working on a YS remix and I plan on using the Yoshi voice in part of the song. I was wondering if anyone had a good sample of their voice, without any of the backing instruments.
  6. Don't worry people, the one that's pending now is MUCH better ... It has harmony, for one thing. >_<
  7. It's called variable bitrate. Different parts of the file are encoded at different bitrates, depending on the relative complexity of that section.
  8. .. wow. When I read the description, about how different it is from the original ... I wasn't sure I was going to like it. I decided to download it anyway. I have to say, the song was great. It exceeded all my expectations, and I think this is one of the best Zelda 64 mixes out there. Excellent song. EDIT: Wow ... I can't stop listening to this. It's so good, it's addictive!
  9. Wow ... McVaffe comes up huge again. This song is amazing. McVaffe's remixes always make my day ... they are so incredibly well done that they flow seamlessly and sound almost effortless, despite their stellar quality of both sample quality and arrangement. Three thumbs up.
  10. Thanks for your "constructive" criticism. I "appreciate" it.
  11. This song is pure awe. Being a big Nintendo fan, this mix instantly appealed to me. When I listened to it, I couldn't believe it. This remix is so great! I never fail to appreciate it, after countless times of listening. It's just so well done ... This is my favorite remix. Ever.
  12. Wow! I love this remix! I really like the drum track. Definitely some of your best. The mistakes you mentioned really aren't as evident as I expected. I didn't notice them at all until about the third listen. Definitely one of my favorites!
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