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  1. Oooh... Well, he wasn't called Eggman in the first Sonic, he was Robotnick. You can still find the old Sonic voice lines "Come and get me Ro-Butt-nick!", which hence led to all his butt-related renditions in some Sonic cartoons.
  2. Heh, it sounds like it was transposed almost for use in a Sonic game at the start, then it goes off into the double guitar, also popular in Sonic themes. The reason is that the notes don't go as high, and have that strange capping feel at the top of their audio ranges that most Sonic songs do.
  3. I have one question with the song. For most of the song the guitar bits are on the off-beat, but suddenly at around 1:20 they drop on the beats themselves, and the rhythm is kind of gummy for a few seconds. I'm wondering if that was intended, or if it accidentally got dragged over one half-beat? Just wondering cause I've done that before, and that audio segment seemed to kind of pop-out at me. The other one (2:08) is just fine, but it's the same thing, so I may have confused myself on something.
  4. Those first 4 notes kicked FF7 into my head. For some reason, I'm thinking Genova or some song relating to it... but it's kind of hazy. I've kind of messed my own associations up here. It's all kind of smearing together for me after that. (Not in a bad way, it's just I can't tell where I'm assuming the association ever really began or ends.) I think I confounded myself.
  5. Hmm yes, that does seem to be the root. Listening to a few samples though... Musique Concrete had no beat. It was just reorganizing sounds by stretching them around to the interest of the composer. Most of what I'm hearing I had to take my headphones off for. They REALLY hurt. >.<; "Ligeti - Artikulation" was interesting to watch, moreso than listen (as it shows the patching process). But these seem to be in a different category. They are undeniably the Parents for this though. Kind of how an 1890's Ford is to today's cars. Same thing but very clearly different.
  6. I've been looking into a lot of alternative music options lately, like Electro Swing and TechnOpera, but one thing really started bothering me. Is there a name for using only ingame sound files to make a song? Examples: "Red Team Wants to Battle" "Battlebeats - battlefield song" There are lots of things out there, which would potentially include the items such as the "Windows Noises" song, but does this have a category name yet? I've probably overlooked the name if there is one, but it doesn't seem to be an easy thing to search up, as I'm probably ignorant of a keyword or somesuch. You could technically call it "sampling" but that feels wrong as the whole song is comprised of this, as Sampling is the action used to make the song, but is it the genre as well?
  7. Hmm, I vaguely remember that game. The beginning was so slow and monotonous that I kind of hung it up after the Tree dungeon. I'll probably go watch a playthrough of it. Eh the label "country"? Well... It's closer to "Slow Rock" than country, but I can see how the confusion may arise. Country is basically a "leech" genere anymore. If only 1% is Country it seems to count.
  8. I love the music, as FF6 is one of my mainstays, and I often resort to.. well.. Dancing Madly. The only downside I can hear is the drums (I pay more attention to drums cause I play em I guess). I love the variety, but in some portions the drums kind of start ratcheting in reverse from the beat line (the bass etc at 1:20 and similar segments), and you have to have headphones on in order to hear it properly. Without them, it kind of seems to slide around like those Christmas lights that kind of blink in rhythm, then de-sync, then eventually blink back in rhythm after going completely around their cycles, or how a wheel cap on a car appears to roll in reverse after it reaches a certain speed. It's a natural hazard of high-speed drums, not physically there, but the effect can be noted. Everything else is flowing very neatly, and the mood is held quite well. I'll probably be returning to this song a few times in the future.... few hundred times dunno.. could be. Now I've got myself wondering how many times I've heard certain songs in my life... oh boy. Uh.. I better stop here before I ponder myself to deaf.
  9. I uh.... What? Hrmmm. He just keeps talking and talking and talking... I half expected some kind of rant regarding how full his toenail collection jar was after he made a sweep of the local hair salon. The music overall was okay, but... those.... lyrics.... hm. On the other hand, the annoyance is somewhat thematically sound.
  10. Hrmm... I can't listen to this without thinking "Inspector Gadget". Hahaha.
  11. This has definitely got a lot going for it. The only downer is that microphone. It's rather hard to get something to sound "studio quality". Other than that, I'd say the vocals were done right, and the music is right on. It has a nice feel for what it's intended goal is.
  12. Ah, the song is a bit more laid back than I expected. It also kind of sounds like something from Ragnarok Online... Prontera's theme at the start, and has something else mixed in that's bugging me at the back of my mind, but I can't seem to put anything solid to it.
  13. Unsettling it is not. Damaging to my speakers it is. I was not expecting to find a song that actually physically damaged my sound system. If you meant this to be an EXPENSIVE troll, you got it. I would suggest recalling this entire thing or dulling the reverb garble.
  14. Cheap bathroom product? First thing I thought of when I read the title was Poopourri... >.< augh the influences of a little brother.
  15. It's a very nice song, but it sounds like most of the vocals were done in a small room without much soundproofing? By this I mean it sounds like the vocals can't really be belted out to give it a tad more feeling, as if they don't want to wake up a neighbor. This in return gives some of the chorus at the beginning and end the feeling that they're half awake, or possibly lying on their sides as they sing. I like that more people are attempting to add lyrics to their songs, but lyrics are a bit harder to adjust so they feel 'right' without the correct environment. Nevertheless keep at it.