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    Full time lead software dev and a passionate spare-time pipe organ player. Adept at picking up, replaying and improvising pieces by ear, but I totally suck when it comes to sight-reading sheet music. All of my skills are self-taught; starting about 30 years ago back when I was a child, but with the majority added over the past ~10 years, when I first had permanent access to physical pipe organs in Germany and Italy. Heavily influenced by the stuff I watch and play, I'm absolutely NOT the kind of "church organist" that anyone might expect, but focusing on orchestral / VGM / movie / soundtrack themes instead. If you'd like to know what to expect, you're invited to check out my YouTube channel!
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  1. Ah yes, the final carillon part... "Reversing tire" is indeed a very fitting analogy. The effect was intended BTW to draw the listener "away" from it, i.e. to put more focus on the main melody / cantus firmus in the bass line, which alternates between the Great and the pedals. But yes, this can drive people crazy...
  2. Such an honor to see this judged and posted ! My sincere gratitude goes to all the judges, motivating listeners and people behind the scenes for their hard work and detailed assessment.
  3. Such an honor to see this judged and posted as OCR04349! My sincere gratitude goes to all the judges, motivating listeners and people behind the scenes for their hard work and detailed assessment.
  4. @CyberSkull You're my personal hero! Thank you so much for submitting this to official VGM databases, which I haven't even heard of before! This is definitely THE most honorable acknowledgement that I've ever been given.
  5. "Metroid: Organ Transplants" Definitive Mix is currently in production! Yet, I'm still undecided whether or not the 7.1 release will be the only version, as the 2.0 stereo and 5.1 surround downmixes are very prone to a loss of spacial acoustics and make the "upgrade" less recognizable. What do you think, should this be an "audiophile goodie" for 7.1 system owners only? Or would you like to enjoy an increased organ presence even in the downmixes? I'm excited to hear about your opinions!
  6. Hearing any kind of remake/reorchestration of this monstrous piece always reminds me of its complexity. So, anyone who tackles it has my full respect and acknowledgement! That being said, you delivered a solid and very convincing reorchestration from my technical point of view; as a pipe organist, I feel a bit sad that this piece has an organ in it already so I don't feel urged to put a second one on top of it... Instruments choice is straight to the point to mimic the OST, however -- according to my personal taste -- this piece is a good candidate for bigger, more reverberant space and acoustics. IMHO, I think this could provide the listener with a more "massive" listening impression (which is definitely the intention of a final boss theme) and, as some sort of "bonus", would blur a bit of the synthetic nature of the samples used in your arrangement into a somewhat more "natural" feeling. But...that's just a thought and my personal 2cents. The "instruments overload" mentioned by @T- Ape was not a problem (if not even unrecognizable) to me, last but not least since it added up to the massiveness of the piece. Way to go here. Altogether, this is a fine (and time-consuming, I guess...) high-level production, which you should be proud of! THANKS for sharing!
  7. Hi everyone, Last year, my parents-in-law had a very special birthday present for me: They organised an appointment with the resident organist at St. Stephan, Tangermünde, Germany, where I had the honor to play one of Europe's most important and famous historic pipe organs --- The 1624 Scherer organ! This organ is one of the most important historical organs in Europe and features some peculiarities of that time, like a short octave and a (1/4th-comma, IIRC) mean-tone temperament, as it was pretty common back in that era. Luckily, among a number of other recordings, an improvisation on the "Song of Time" from "The Legend of Zelda -- Ocarina of Time" did find its way to my Zoom H6n digital recorder...so, enjoy this rare and unusual piece of VGM "remix", just the way "it was meant to be 400 years ago"! Find out more about the organ at the organ restorer's website and Wikipedia: https://www.schuke.de/?projects=tangermunde-st-stephan-germany&lang=en https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St_Stephen's_Church,_Tangermünde
  8. YouTube, SoundCloud, ContreBombarde, Pipes & Posts, Steem and HIVE --- plus, here on OCR for selected/bigger/special projects. I also started the tradition to keep record of album details on a self-made discography page in German and English. (http://en.wpoa.de )
  9. Once in a while, listeners asked me where they could here the difference of a track where I "sparingly" used a pipe organ to support the OST, but didn't "just yell over it". As the questions started to repeat at the aftershow of my "Metroid: Organ Transplants" cinema premiere, this led me to record a video where they could hear a direct comparison of one of the tracks from my "Breath of the Pipes" album, which I released about two years ago. Hope this will inspire some of you to create something gigantic out of your next projects!
  10. Sounds like a nice addition to me --- I'd love hear your take on that, Ben!
  11. Mission Control: We have green lights, all systems are GO! Can't wait to have ~60 people listen to cinematic organ music! To anyone who's joining the show: Tickets should have arrived by now...
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