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    Full time lead software dev and a passionate spare-time pipe organ player. Adept at picking up, replaying and improvising pieces by ear, but I totally suck when it comes to sight-reading sheet music. All of my skills are self-taught; starting about 30 years ago back when I was a child, but with the majority added over the past ~10 years, when I first had permanent access to physical pipe organs in Germany and Italy. Heavily influenced by the stuff I watch and play, I'm absolutely NOT the kind of "church organist" that anyone might expect, but focusing on orchestral / VGM / movie / soundtrack themes instead. If you'd like to know what to expect, you're invited to check out my YouTube channel!
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    Lead Software Dev

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  1. The post-recording 7.1 remaster is available! Details and HQ FLAC downloads can be grabbed via my discography at http://en.wpoa.de/WPOA-WWHR as usual.
  2. Watch me play along live to " The Witcher -- Wild Hunt" concert recording from Cracow, Poland. This is one of my VGM training sessions, in which I love to put some more gravity into epic game soundtracks to make them even bolder. As I have no sheets for this, everything you'll witness is caught up by ear, from notes to chords, dynamics to tempo, rhythm to articulation. Enjoy this unique on-the-fly composing experience!
  3. Yep, this is indeed true for strings (or other instruments), where you have to take control over a lot of parameters. In these cases, you're better off with models rather than samples --- and, just to avoid any possible misunderstanding, you definitely did a masterful job on your arrangement!
  4. The increased reverb indeed makes a huuuuge difference in my ears (for the better, of course) and provides a way more "natural" feeling for me, compared to the former version I listened to. Great to see (well, hear) that you gave it a polish, and even greater to read that you submitted your creation! BTW, I already had my fingers on the pipe organ model by Modartt --- it sounds pretty nice and realistic for what it is, however, if you're as nit-picking on the details as I am, it's still worlds apart from a (carefully) sampled organ (not to mention the real ones, as each of these instruments works accurately *only* in the place/building it was designed for). If you're familiar with my coincident 1624 Scherer organ OoT recording, I think it's not hard to guess what I'm referring to...
  5. 2 votes in 3 weeks -- so interest is below the threshold, I guess...
  6. Disco Desert! Sounds great, love these "hickup" beat skips and the "gotcha" whistle. Had to chuckle when I remembered how often I was caught in that area back when I was playing the game. ^^
  7. Funny tuning! This has a bit of "honky-tonk saloon style" --- in a good sense, since it supports the lightweighted part of the theme in a perfect manner, I think. I've always loved that theme...and your version adds a completely new touch to it. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Sweeeet! Fully agree with @HenkkaStorm about both the excellent blending/solo/production and that nasty hi-hat issue. A bit less of sharpness to that one, and the track is ready to go!
  9. LOL, was tricked just like @HarlemHeat360 --- first thought of three pianos as well, hehe. Considering these are modeled instruments, the outcome sounds very convincing, with the piano being the most realistic member of the trio IMHO. The spotlight time slices for each instrument seemed pretty evenly distributed to me, so that sounded like a very smooth and lovely composition to my ears. Fun thing to see a growth in use of instrument modeling tho; I've had an eye on this for years now, but was never very satisfied, at least on my particular domain (i.e. pipe organ synthesis).
  10. Nice track in general, however I agree with @Rukunetsu in terms of mixing/presence. IMHO (well, I'm not very experienced with mixing DOs and DON'Ts) another approach could be to shift volumes/presence between individual instruments to change the focus. On my "personal weapons of ear destruction", namely pipe organs, this would be dubbed a "dialogue", often executed by playing similar phrases on different keyboards/manuals with different registrations (=timbre). Could work out for this mix as well, I think. Another thing that came across my mind was that long, repetitive intro of about a minute. It well builds up tension for the first 1-2 iterations, but then drastically lets that go by adding more and more repititions without anything new to happen. For that part, my suggestion would be to either shorten it or to integrate some other ("glittering"?) arpeggiated stuff or similar. Just an idea... Would love to see that track evolve!
  11. Well, I think this has the vibe! Loved these dbl-kick parts, e.g. from 0:59-1:06 et al. The classical guitar (I think? Sorry, I'm a keyboards guy ^^) intro/outro make the piece start smooth and leave you with a feel-good Hawaiian happiness at the end. Pretty chilled. Altogether, I love it!!
  12. If so, I think I'd need @Sam Dillard's permission to do so --- and you could help me to convince him by leaving your upvote in the comments. The more, the better! I'd really be hyped if people in this community had an interest in a successor to Metroid: Organ Transplants and to let me build this 1h45m monster! IMHO, Sam's work is just BREATHTAKINGLY PHENOMENAL. However, sometimes you can add even more cherries on top of the sundae... ^^ Let's make this the world's most buttered and sugared icecream milkshake candybar piece of soundtrack awesomeness on this planet! EDIT I'm talking about his most recent album, Metroid Cinematica Recharged, which was released just a few days ago on July 1st 2020. Watch his release trailer here:
  13. Ah, now I see what you mean. Thanks for taking the time to clarify that, it's indeed very helpful to me to see the effect and impact my adjustments have on the listener's perception!
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