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  1. Hady-poo: If you want, get in contact with me, I've a light bit of experience with php and persistent databases (MySQL). If you can explain to me what your current site does I can figure out which parts of it I know how to emulate and which I can go about learning. No, I'm not a code-in-my-sleep PHP mastah, but some willingness and knowledge are better than nothing, perhaps? I'm just operating on the assumption you'd like some help. <3 - phase cactus
  2. That is ridonkulous. No money can be involved or copy rights explode in the project's face. One single commercial advertisement or donation button and Sega will be on your asses like Michael Moore on a cheeseburger.
  3. Woot. I wuv hoodies. I adore baseball shirts. eeeeeeeeee. gonna need one 'a each.
  4. What I see here is begging off a really high-res version of that cover, getting it developed at costco as a digital picture, for high-res printing and color quality, and being the envy of all my gaming/music friends.
  5. completely-unprovoked-drop-in-boy-and-long-time-lurker says: Yes. By far. Stick with the new one. Much as the old one just grabbed me, the new one grabbed me and slathered us both in super glue. Worlds better than already good. Keep it up. Oh, and Rexyyyy! I would kill someone if it would get me a link to your Angel Island WIP. I miss it. I listened to it a million times and forgot to move it out of the temporary folder. Now it's deleted and the old link's dead. :\
  6. i have problems with the file. my winamp doesn't know how long it is and stops somewhere between where it thinks the end is and where it actually is
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