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  1. Nah man, I appreciate you giving me your honest opinions. Although I did do some of that stuff intentionally, I admit there's alot of folks out who just don't know alot about mixing and eqing, and I don't claim to be an expert. But still, it's fun to mess with this stuff and Ya get to hear others ppls takes on the same material, their mixing styles and such, should they come across this topic.

    I've listened to the other versions ppl have made on the DOD thread. And you're right in the sense that it's interesting how different each person's mix comes out. Granted, some are still working on them, but the differences are there. A learning experience, indeed.



    Okie dokie then. This was mixed and mastered in FL Studio 6.4. THAT's RIGHT FOOLS I SAID IT!

    For this I wanted to keep it simple, cuz I thought it would be plain silly to just throw Fxs up the wazoo in there. Snappleman mixes tend to be fairly balanced in terms of its bass, mid and high frequencies. So I opted to do something similar with this. But having said that, I also wanted to put a little twist in his mixing philosophy.


    Lead Guitar: I put a little overdrive and a delay along with a light phaser, to give a slight

    texture to it.

    Rhythm Guitars: I panned the Left and Right rythms guitars to their respective spots, and raised the low shelf eq frequencys just a bit, especially with a notch boost at around 90hz. For me, this always seems to be the "sweet spot" of bass frequencies, as when you keep the notch width relatively small, then you don't get too much rumbling in the sub, but you still feel it in your chest a bit. Then afterwards I added some stereo seperation in thar.

    Bass Guitar: not much too say. it handles the...please don't make me say it.


    For the drums, I was inspired a bit by how Braincell mixed the drums in "Live at the Sandopolis", but I did not necessarily mix them in the same way.

    Kicks: I gave the kicks a couple mid-high notch boosts to make em cut through the guitars and notched boosted at around 87-90hz

    Toms: A little bass boost as well on the low shelf so they wouldn't sound too thin, but I also balanced the new bass frequencys out with a notch filter in the mid high zone.

    Snare: has some overdrive to make it a little stronger.

    Hats : Like Braincells' Sandopolis mix, I wanted the cymbal crashes to be out there a bit, so I compressed the hats channel a bit and raised the level and lowered the high shelf a bit so they didn't sound too ear piercing a the high frequencies. And sorta to also "make way" for the incoming synths.


    With the synths, I decided to fade them in slowly around halfway through in a waythat's somewhat subtle, almost treating them as backing/supporting synths. I guess the goal was to build up a climatic momemt of sorts.

    The guitars and drums were then put into their own respective routes, and mixed against each other. Finally, the Master Channel was given a multichannel compressor(barely used, just some band eqing mostly) and a limiter.

  3. As the drunken spy, I offer my best wishes to de new couple.

    Funny thing is when Pixie said,"I can just imagine the looks on their faces", I was thinking the same thing. As such, I offer this picture as the general visual representation of the looks on said pplz faces, given the fact that the majority of the OCR population is in fact, male.

    Thank God that didn't happen with me.


    ROFL. much love to ya guys. Good luck you 2!


    (both were 1280x720, but reduced in size by over half cuz actual was TOO DAMN BIG!!!)


    Showing off a couple wallpapers for the VGDJ Wallpaper Pack II I have in the works at the moment.

    "Super Mario 3 Showcase"(left) and "Cel Shaded Mushroom"(right)

    Cel Shaded Mushroom is pretty much finished while the other could use a few more things here and there, but all in all, pretty much complete. These wallpapers are only a few of many wallpapers I have created for Wallpaper Pack II, and will be released upon the arrival of the 100th episode of Vgdj. I'd say there are at least 4 times as many wallpapers as the original wallpaper pack. And on top of that other assets will be released along with it.

    That's right boys and girls. The Drunken Spy is pulling out all the stops on this one. Lolz

    Now I know that episode 100 seems a while away seeing as VGDJ is in the early 60s at the moment, but that gives me enough time to spruce up things here and there with the wallpapers, maybe even dish out some "extras" in the process. Only time will tell.

    Oh yeah, and you haven't downloaded the Original Wallpaper Pack 1, you can find it here. http://www.jilliangoldin.com/vgdj_wallpapers/

    Or if you want the brand spanking new remastered edition(1.1 as I call it), go here http://www.geocities.com/debeerguy007/wallpaperpack1_1.html

    I don't think I ever formally thanked you guys for giving mention of the first wall pack on the 50th, so let me say thanks now to both Andy for being a cool dude and to Jill for being a nice lady for hosting the walls on her own site. Keep doing the great work on the show with the same passion you guys always have. And when Wallpaper Pack II is done and ready, Jill will be able to sigh with relief in knowing that she won't have any more bandwidth from her site sucked up. Lolz

    I have things taken care of on this end this time around. Maybe

    (/hugs de hosts)

  5. WELL! Just when you think you've pegged a person's style of remixing, it's a work of art like this that just knocks you sideways. In a good way. Serves me right for being presumtious to begin with. While I am quite fond of some of Mazedude's previous submissions to OCR, I was quite surprised to hear a piano piece from him. A welcome surprise indeed, and sort of a fresh breath of air I suppose. It just goes to show to show you can never quite know how many aces this man has up his sleeve.


  6. I may not know everything about remixing.

    I may not know everything about mixing.

    I may not know everything about music.

    Any I may not know everything about synthesizers, software programs, and their inner workings in order to get the best sounds possible out of them.

    But I do know 1 thing: This synth sounds fucking awesome.

    Carry on.

  7. Ha ha

    "yes" "no" "maybe"

    Yeah, like Yoozer said:

    "Adobe Systems Incorporated acquired the technology assets of Syntrillium Software in May 2003 and introduced Adobe® Audition® software (a rebranded release of Cool Edit Pro) in August 2003. Adobe Audition 2.0 is the most current version of the software, and Syntrillium's other products have been discontinued"

    Adobe Audition 1.5

    With the release of version 1.5 came with some of the following additional features, and I'm only

    listing the ones that I found to be most useful.

    -Rewire support (although for a number of ppl's cases did not work properly, however does not seem to be the case for me, so far.)

    -Vst support

    Unfortunately this only applies to effects Vsts for the use in the Edit view only, and not for Vst Instruments for midi controlled multitrack purposes. still, its a good addition IMO.

    Frequency Space Editing:

    Good for some degrees of restoration work such as removing or greatly diminishing unwanted noises like a click, cough or chair squaking during a live performance that may be considered too distracting to be simply ignored. However, I will say that some practice with the tool will be necessary before you can become proficient enough to get effective results. Like they say, practice makes perfect.

    Adobe Audition 2.0

    The Current version out is 2.0, which went thru quite an overhaul in places, allowing for a low latency mixing engine, and ASIO Hardware Support.

    In the Editing view,

    we now have the following additions and improvements.

    -Multiband Compressor from Izotope

    -Mastering Rack, allowing for the previewing of multiple effects applied in a chain

    -Improved Frequency space editing, allowing for a more controlled selection with a free style Lasso type selection tool as well as the original Marquee selection tool.

    The Multitrack View

    now allows for an unlimited amount of tracks(any limitations now only apply to your comp's specs) In

    version 1.5, multitrack view only allowed for 128 tracks, but to be honest, while having that kind of

    freedom is nice to know, I doubt if many ppl in OCR will ever use more than, say 45 for music production, but than again anything's possible.

    Another addition in 2.0 that I think will help a lot for future users is the inclusion of recordable automation lanes, which was lacking in 1.5. Sure you could adjust the panning and volume for tracks in the multitrack view in 1.5, but for envelopes in loops or clips you had to do it for every individual clip, which is tedious, unless you're very patient(points to self)

    Now, this addition is what I would call my double-edge sword. In 2.0 you have the ability to really move stuff around now and customize you work station. While I think this is awesome, When I first took a gander at 2.0 in it's default setting, while the thing looked cool, it gave me the impression that everything looked crammed together and quite frankly looked intimidating at first glance. but then again, that's the beauty of a customizable workstation. Especially if you have a dual monitor display, which is mostly likely what the folks at adobe factored in with the design overhaul.

    Another thing I found interesting is the fact that the size a that Audition 1.5 took up on disk was around 50MB while 2.0 now takes up at least 400MB. That musta been some overhaul.

  8. Guess what, boys and girls? It's the drunken spy's turn to be an asshole and say


    I believe the topic is "Who uses what" and not "who uses what and why you warez it" If you warez it, fine. But it's your ass if you get caught.

    I believe this thread's purpose is to get a general survey of what the remixing community uses to make their mixes with and, if the person listing is willing, list what they believe are the strengths and weaknesses of their listed programs.

    Nowhere is it said does any person in the community have to say if he/she warezed the program(s) or not, Therefore it is not a necessary or relevant part of the topic.

    In short...no warez talk in here. Can it.

  9. Ok Boys and Girls it's time for the Drunken Spy to put in his $0.02 into the matter.

    I think that everybody involved in this remix did a fantastic job on it and should be commended for their efforts, especially given the fact that most of the groundwork, from what I hear, was done in one night. ONE F*#$* NIGHT!!!!

    Are there flaws here and there? YES

    but am I gonna cry and shoot myself over them. NO

    Despite these facts I appreciate the craft and skills necessary to pull off what I believe is one of the finest, if not THE FINEST collaborative efforts I've seen come out of the OverClocked Remix.

    Now with that said, I now say this:

    Disagree with me and I will personally tackle your mailbox...

  10. Well, whatdoya know? A Red Tailed Fox remix on OCR. LOL.

    I remember when this awesome track was still a WIP on Vgmix. I kept track of its progress, meaning I've kept pretty much each WIP version he posted on vgmix. I gotta say, this remix has certainly gone through some changes since, but good changes mostly. Although I'm quite partial to the finished VGmix version, this one is still quite enjoyable and is definitely going on my hard drive. While I noticed a number of differences in this version that I personally probably wouldn't have made, I have always thought very highly of this remix even in its early stages, And I will continue to do so.

    All I've got to say is this.

    Red Tailed Fox...welcome to the family.

  11. I just started using Reason about 2 weeks ago, so it'd be neat to see how people do things. I only have Reason 2.5 though, not 3.0 (I'll upgrade as soon as I can spare the cash).

    Anyways, the song I'm working on right now is almost finished, and I use Reason through SONAR's ReWire DXi. So I'll put up the .rns file, but it'll be missing some of the instruments (guitars, drums, bass, etc.).

    Yeah, when you get the cash for the upgrade, it'll be worth it. The Combinator device and the MClass plugins are very decent additions to Reason. And this is coming from a guy who uses FL Studio a bunch.

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