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  1. Damn... I mean...


    This is damn Good stuff. This is a remix thats shows that sometimes you don't always have to have THE best samples in the world to remix. Still, Bladiator makes the best with what he's got. Very well constucted and executed. I especially like how it slows down and gets faster towards the end. Crazy.

    Oh, yeah

    I guess I like tango music. Something new I didn't even about myself. Huh

    (sits down to contemplate)

  2. Hey, debeerguy here. I think is a great idea, putting OCR remixes made with Reason out there so others can see what you did to make it.

    This can be used as a great learning experience for up and coming remixers using Reason and also at the same time you'll be able to protect your remixes from being tampered with by posting .rps files.

    Plus it presents the opportunity of being able to render OCR remixes at 44100Hz 16bit audio quality. Always a plus :)

    Unfornately I have yet to make a remix with Reason, so I guess I better get cracking. LOL

    very cool

  3. Very well done. It has that very clean yet eiree electronica sound going on here. I like it, though to tell you the truth some of the instrument choices rather remind me more of the Unreal soundtrack. Not a nitpick really, seeing as this is the kind quality of mixing that many fresh starting remixers, including myself, I think I can safely say try to achieve...

    definitely a keeper.

  4. Ok, this is just simply awesome. Analog does it again. LOL

    Now I only have played Road Rash 3(think its 3), but when I listened to this and the wow brass came into play, it brought back some fond memories.

    I have both the April Fools version & the OCR version on my external hard drive. While I like both versions a lot, I have to agree that the OCR Version is the one you really want to listen to.

    While the April Fools version had the eletric guitar as the lead during the first section, The OCR version's revisions make more sense as far as tieing in the beginning and ending better, meaning a more electronic sound all the way through. Either way, this simply is one of Analog's best works. And quite nostalgic at times, which I can dig. Good job buddy!

  5. Well, this remix definately rocks the Ninja in me for sure, although I'm not very flexible, so I can't do split kicks midair. I'd fall straight on my ass. LOL.

    Excellent guitar work and good drum beats, although pesonally I would've brought up the drum levels just a little more, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying this mix throughly. This mix is well crafted, and well executed. Thumbs up for this one,


    Keep up de good work!

  6. Reason 2.5 has no tempo automation of it's own. It has to be automated by a program which features Rewire. That or scale it by hand in the sequencer, which is tedious.

    Here's my case:

    I have FL Studio, which is great for any optional mastering work and does well in the syncing area, as long as the tempo is constant. If I try to speed it up or slow it down in places, say over the course of 2 bars, then it gets out of whack. It's like Reason

    can't keep up with fl studio's automations.

    This clip is an example I made showing you what I mean. It has 2 iterations of the same cue.


    The first iteration is with FL studio automating Reason's tempo and has both programs' metronomes playing in sync with the session. When I automate the tempo, they no longer stay in sync. It's almost like Reason is having a hard time transitioning to the new tempo, which produces a strange result.

    The second iteration is without FL Studio automation whatsoever and is just me manually pushing the tempo's up/ down button inside Reason, which ironically is producing better results. The only problem with this method is that it's just too random a process, producing different results through each attempt.

    So I guess my question is, Is there anything I can do about the the FL studio metronome sync problem?

    If not, then which program with Rewire would be better capable of controlling Reason's tempo by automation with no metronome sync problems?

  7. Mr. Lloyd, you have a style in remixing that has yet to be matched or even emulated for that matter. A style which has sorta encouraged me to save up for a MOTIF7ES for myself. :D

    I personally have never played a single Donkey Kong Country game, but after listening to 'Stray Donkey Strut', it doesn’t really matter if I did or not... because this remix is so frickin’ cool. All the instruments go together really well. I especially enjoy the use of piano under the brass swells, giving it, as you said, that “old time pomp feel”. That’s the way to use a low piano, in my opinion. Very Elfman-like, and very jazzy. It makes me smile when I listen to it. Definitely one that I’ll keep in my collection, right alongside “ Diddy Evolution.”and such.

    Very nice work going on here. Thumbs up! oh... god no! I just made an Ebert & Roeper reference. I have to bang my head really hard on my desk now.

    "thud" :oops:

  8. Can everyone say, "instant classic" or "masterpiece"?

    Well, they better, or else shame on them... :)

    This is among my new favorite remixes.

    I love almost any kind of music, as long as it's not cheesy and has heart to it, that's what this has... heart.

    I love it... not in that "I'm taking you home to meet my parents" way, but you get the idea.

    Good stuff from Blak Omen & Dhsu. Keep up the good work guys.

  9. I can sum up this remix up in just one word...Heart. Pure heart. In every note, every nuance, every beat.

    It flows with soul and it has a nice funk to it that’s hard to find. Beautiful.

    Sonic the Hedgehog “Love Hurts” is one of the first remixes I had ever downloaded from OCR, and I’ll never get rid of it. It’s also among the few that inspires one to start working on his or her own remixes. Believe me, I know. :)

    Now If I may return the kindness that djpreztle bestowed me once, let me just say,

    Good stuff from Mr Lloyd.

    Kevin “Lorenzo” Sisk a.k.a. debeerguy()

  10. When I first heard this remix, I couldn't help but but be taken aback by the nostalgia of it all, because let's face it, I know nostagia when I hear it. One can't help but remember back to the original Sonic games for the Sega Genesis. This is what music for Sonic the Hedgehog is supposed to sound like! I keep picturing Sonic running at super speed, going through those huge loops when I hear this remix. I guess it is the choice of instruments, the arrangement of the music, or simply that this guy knows exactly what he's doing. I believe the latter.

    This... is a remix that I am proud to have in my collection of game remixes. Hats off to ya DarkeSword...

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