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  1. Although I haven't played Zelda game to great lengths(only "Zelda II" and "The Ocarina of Time") I found this arrangement to very much evoke a happier side of the Zelda series, as if when Hyrule is experiencing more peaceful times. This is a very uplifting sound remix without being to cheesy about it. It's well thought out and well executed. My only negative criticism about the mix itself is I feel that the bass intrument used could've had a tiny bit more low end going on EQ wise. Other than that, solid across the board. Good job fellas!
  2. bumping this for posterity's sake. Seriously... this is awesome. Oh yeah, I'll be sending a a reencode for my terminator 2 remix sometime in the next few days.
  3. My Review of Dark Castle in three sentences: Kill me Kill me Somebody fucking kill me.
  4. Oh-ho trust me. We don't need popular demand as incentive to put it back in:
  5. O_O this call for action.. (1 hour later) SUCCESS!! http://www.geocities.com/debeerguy007/sounds/VGDJTNGPROMOKSMOCKUP01.mp3
  6. A token of my affection for this momentous occasion. you might want earplugs... (debeerguy007 says Congrats to DJP)
  7. rayza and aurora together again, eh? this calls for me breaking out the microphone, for old times sake.
  8. "judges panel's own Larry Oji can now count himself as a ReMixer." O_O SON OF A BITCH
  9. Wow today's your birthday too? we're BIRTHDAY BUDDIES!!!! ROFLROFLROFLROFL ok not really, but yeah we got the same birthday. Have a good one dude
  10. An FLMC with Zelda music as the theme? The hell you say. This brings back some fond memories (cough FLMC1) lolz
  11. Indeed. (smokes a bubble pipe) On a side note: Christ Almighty, I've been coming to this site for 4 years, and I've only made like 300 posts?!?! O_O goddamn I need to talk more. : /
  12. So the Zircman's the big 2-0 now, Eh? Well, I would say inspirational words on this special occasion, but the best I think of is what my dad say's every year on my birthday: "I love ya, son. Yer ugly as hell, but I love ya." "Oh yeah, get a haircut...hippie" I'm sure that doesn't help any. : P
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