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    I sang my first song at the age of 2. It was "Pour Some Sugar On Me."

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  1. Hello, all. I'm new. Well... new-ish. See, you can tell by my join date that I'm not really new at all. In fact, I've been hanging around OCR for what seems like half my life. Left a review here and there, but never really got into the community aspect of it. But now, all that is changing, as I am... *gasp* beginning to aspire to my own musical ambitions. I can't play a damn single instrument. I can't even read notes. But I can sing, and I have recently discovered that I have some degree of absolute pitch (which explains how I've been in something like 5 different choirs and never learne
  2. I rarely make posts on this site. You can tell next to my name. However, when I am compelled to post, it is usually for a good reason. And I can think of no better reason than to compliment what I can only consider to be a masterpiece. I noticed another poster mentioned the tragic story of Ganondorf. There is a rather tragic story behind him, told most poignantly in the newest installment of the Zelda franchise, "Wind Waker." An excerpt from a speech he gives near the end of the game... "My kingdom lay in a vast desert. When the sun was high, a scorching wind blew across our lands. And
  3. Stickerbrush Symphony (I think that's the actual name of the Bramble Theme) is probably the first piece of videogame music that ever stood out to me as being truly outstanding. I remember when I was really bored with DKC2 (Couldn't get past one of those blasted rollecoaster levels), and just messing around, and I came upon the sound test. When I listened to this track, I was shocked at how rich and powerful it was. It began with an airy, floating feeling, with just a hint of solemness. I can barely describe it. Then, after the first rendition of the main melody, the percussion kicks in.
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