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  1. Hehe, My first system was an SNES, parent's wouldn't let me have an NES, took awhile to break em down. My first games were Super Mario Kart and F-Zero. Had F-Zero down to an art, so gimmie SNES remixes ^^ Yeah that mix does make me miss XG too.
  2. I've heard alot of really good remixes, but this is my favorite. For starters I liked the music from the game to start, and this is actualy very close to the game, just better, like what the game would have sounded like had it been made today. Total nostalgia (sp?)
  3. I have yet to hear a piece done by Zerty that I didn't like, not my favorite of his works but a nice piece none the less. I love the ice crystal song he did for SoM so if your a Zerty fan this is a good one
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