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  1. Avete! I got FL Studio FruityLoops Edition and by now am able to work out things. What I really need are good samples or whatever. Some good strings and a nice overdriven guitar, good organs etc. The samples given are not that crappy, but to make songs that sound better than MIDI you need good instruments. Does anyone know what to do? Where to get good WAV-Samples? And - how can I use soundfonts with fruityloops? Thank you! Salve!
  2. Well, I really liked the first 18 seconds, but the kinda heavy beat slows the song down a bit while the vocals used seem to speed it up. Against the judges I think the vocals are used well, though not structured enough. The "Sector 7" influence does not disturb the mix but distracts me a bit from the threatening undertone of the song. Lucani opinio: Good remix, would perhaps be even better without "Sector7" parts and a bit shortened - forget it; well done!
  3. Fine piece of art! Was an interesting twist to turn Kefka´s Theme into a Samba-Remix - interesting, and well worth the download, though - IMO - there could have been more fills (drums etc.) or breaks/turns in the song. But nonetheless a well-worked-out remix.
  4. I REALLY like the way the song "grows" in the first one and a half minutes and then changes into solid trance. Very Good work by Suzumebachi!
  5. Though unusual for a Metroid Remix it´s a great laid-back relaxing theme, perfect for enjoying a quiet evening (Spend some time listening to all the work Vigilante has put into this remix!).
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