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  1. This feels an awful lot to me like the kind of stuff usually found playing in a Salad Fingers cartoon. It's just that kind of creepy.
  2. The only real complaint I have about this song is the length. I mean, it really should be around 5, possibly even 6 hours long to properly satisfy me. That aside, all I can say is "DAMN.", because there are no words in English to properly describe this. so, DAMN. This guy has made other music? Why don't I already own it?
  3. Um... what? This must be one of those abstract things that nobody understands, yet is universally accepted as a masterpiece or something. I never really liked abstract stuff, but I've always loved the piano. I am very confused now. I will eat cookies.
  4. This is a pretty good remix of OWA. Probably the best I've yet heard, though I've heard some really bad ones. I've also heard some downright offensive remixes of this song... Though this is a damn good remix of OWA, it still isn't quite the one I'm waiting for. Of all the remixes I've heard I still like the original the best, and it is only topped by its reorchestrated version made by the Nobuo himself. Someday I hope to see that uber-remix. When are we gonna see Halo remixes already?
  5. D00d. This is real damn cool. Every part of my being should hate you for even thinking of doing this. I should loathe this piece and commit suicide for listening to it, Yet I still love it. WHY?!?!?
  6. Since Tactics was pretty much the best game ever made, I love this song. I've always liked ff songs, and Fft was the best with em. The only real gripe I had was that it seemed too quiet. I'm not a huge fan of minimalist stuff, but I like some. I just had to restrain myself from screaming at it "get louder!". Oh well. It's an awesome song though.
  7. Oh come now. I agree that this song is one of the most horrible things to have ever reached my ears pretty much ever, but thats why I like it. Every time I listen to it, it wakes me up, and puts me in a schizophrenic mood. In a GOOD way. The voices by Daffy Duck just add to the stupid randomness of it all, and it all makes more sense. Well not at all actually, but thats the point now isn't it? Might I add, I believe he was just filling in for Kefka's voice, cuz there arent many sound files with his vocals in it, save the one. So, yeah, this song rocks, just not as a song.
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