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  1. See, I've had nothing but good experiences on Guild Wars, and I've been playing it since it was released. I'm not sure how deep into the game you were, but I always kept up on any news related to the game, be it official or community-based, and knew exactly how to tell when somebody was trying to scam me and what to look out for. You can get scammed on pretty much any MMO, especially if you're out of the information loop. I mostly just play on Xbox Live now, and in my experience, Halo has the absolute worst community right now. Before then, it was Counter-Strike. I haven't been on CS in years, but I'm willing to bet it's still pretty bad.
  2. Nice to see you're still around. Congratulations on the DDR thing too.
  3. Agreed. This is nice and rough, just the way I likes it. Keep up the good work bLiNd.
  4. Simply beautiful. I think it's a perfect mix. If only there were more quality RE mixes.
  5. I love this. I have no complaints really, but I know all of these melodies and I'm a huge fan of the BoF series. I just want to thank you for covering this game. Now somebody get to work on another BoF mix
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