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    22 year old database analyst, I've been messing with fruity loops since I came here 8 years ago. Woot.

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  1. See if you can watch American Sniper. Highly interesting, slightly less comedic than australian sniper though.
  2. I once team fortressed. It was a long time ago... I think I was in Burma at the time. My time occupation slots are weird, so I can't really gt on just randomly. Would be fun to hop in at some point though. give me a shout out at some point when a couple people are on and I'll join up
  3. Nice. If you manage to find a rocket launcher, default minigun, knife, scattergun, or sticky launcher, I'd be happy to trade for that So it's been about two years since I posted here last - is Nice Work Guy still a fad?
  4. Percussion could use a little work - seems a little repetitive, and not enough kicks for a metal song like this. I like the guitar work a LOT though. Might want to check this beat... -.,.-.,.-.,.-.,. K......K.K...... ....S.......S... H.H.H.H.H.H.H.H. K = kick S = snare H = hat Of course, vary it up, but for this tempo, having something other than straight kicks / hats every beat then a snare every other beat is kinda meh. Didn't notice anything about a weird buzzing sound, the rest sounds great to me. Did I mention the guitar work is fantastic?
  5. Just posted the song to the upload site - I can't really think of anything else I can do to it.
  6. Having some problems finishing my particular track. If it doesn't work out so well, you guys might get a bonus song along with said 2-3 minute song.
  7. I do have to say though, thank you to whoever requested Oppression. it's a fun song, but I would have definitely skipped over it if not for this contest / your request. Back to FL nao!
  8. I do! Great WIPs guys, as we're not allowed to vote, I'm not gonna post a favorite or anything, but it sounds like a decent portion of people are actually competing this year. Cheers.
  9. Bump. Anyone know of any good, free hosting services for .mp3s? All I"ve got is google pages... in any case, here's a quick preview of what I'm working on.
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