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  1. I can think of Beyond Good And Evil, but I'm having trouble coming up with some more.
  2. I haven't played in about a year but there should still be a good amount of people playing it. You won't have too much trouble finding a server with good ping for your favourite maps. The maps with planes destroys the fun for me though. Planes can destroy anything easily, and you can hardly touch them. As soon as you enter any vehicle, a plane comes along and drops bombs on you. SAMs are worthless against them. So I tend to stick to servers without vehicles or just maps without planes. Despite that, I find it hard to believe that BF3 could match the greatness of BF2s multiplayer, me loves it s
  3. Hey! I realised that i truly sucked at mixing, so i looked up some hints and tips to think about while mixing. This is my 3rd practice object I've recorded and mixed with these things in mind. I'm fairly satisfied with it. I have no idea of how to continue it though. Anyway, what are your thoughts on it, mixing wise, anything annoying you in it? http://www.mediafire.com/?yxjym8lmphkay56
  4. All in one gestures does not work yet so I installed 3.6 again. Can't surf without it, feel so crippled. But yeah it was fast!
  5. Sounds like fun so why not. The weirdest place this tune was played at, was apparently when waiting in line on the phone for some company in the US. So I see no reason why it could not be used by you, if you think it fits somehow. Loved your Ludus Florentis video btw, you are very right on that one. http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01606/
  6. It is possible though to play 4 players locally on a single computer. One keyboard and 3 Xbox controllers. Maybe even 4 Xbox controllers, I'm not sure on that. There was talk about an Xbox live release but there seem to have been trouble with that. It is actaully extremely hard to get a licens to release games on Xbox live at least. Especially for new developers with first game releases. This game is #1 on steams best seller list right now and Xbox missed the potential it has. Hopefully it will work out with Xbox live and PS3 eventually. That is one way to get by at some portions, but the gam
  7. Anyone else heard of or even played this indie title yet? I've gotten pretty far on single player and i've gotta say it's about the best game ever. By combining different elements you make different spells and it is immensly fun to discover what you can do. And the game is jampacked with nerdy references all over. The campaign is very fun and entertaining blasting away foes with whatever spells you can come up with yourself. There is so much to this game. It is however rather buggy atm for some people, especially with connection issues for multiplayer and gamecrashes. LAN seem to be working we
  8. Hah, that's a wide range of genres. Quite the talented mofo. And he stole our tune as well. Very nice. http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=5700652
  9. Thanks for the replys! The backing pad is annoying me somewhat aswell. It just kinda disapears mostly in the mix later. Allmost everything production wise annoys me even. I really want everything crisp and clear and just sound real good. So i'll definitely consider all your thoughts on this next time. I haven't deviated alot really structure wise from the original. All the chords are the same throughout. All I've done is change some melodies and extended the part after 2:58 with a some repeats. So i don't see it as a medley when only the melodies change and the chords stay the same. They're mo
  10. Hay, this has been laying on the shelf for over a year or so, and i'm thinking about recording all from scratch again someday. Just need to get new gear and some better skills (or skills at all ) at mastering, and maybe changing some parts. But i thought i'd share it with you, since it's gonna take a while anyway. Any thoughts on what works and what doesn't and tips on what I should think about on EQ:ing is allways helpful and welcome. I love the original and it's been fun learning this. I tried adding some of my own stuff and some references to other tunes as well. Hope thou like. http://www.
  11. http://www.ronaldjenkees.com/ You can find a mix on John Carpenters Halloween tune there. It's pretty nifty.
  12. Oh this went straight to my MP3-player. Listened to it over and over again on my way to work. Very soothing.
  13. un17 is Pantera at least, don't really know what its called though.
  14. You have great guitar tone! And obviously some skill but you need to work on your timing. You're off the beat quite a bit, a number of times. Other than that it's a good effort at covering CPK's Duke Jam. Liked the commentaries, haven't heard these before.
  15. Oh, I'm loving this. Having a hard time to stop listening to it. Can't give any tips on making it sound better, cause I suck at giving tips other than saying "ye need to make it sound better". But to me, really, you don't need to make it sound better. I'm loving it as it is.
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