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  1. This was mentioned on the very fist post in this thread.... The JAQUIO from Ninja Gaiden 1. On the NES version (not the Xbox one) On NES, if JAQ (the hardest) the boss prior to him (your dad) or the demon (very last boss, but easier than JAQ) killed you then you were warped BACK to the beginning of the last level. (6-1 I believe) 6-2 was hell with those bottomless pits, and then of course you had 6-3 with the boss trio. Also mentioned was Ghaleon in the Sega CD Lunar 1....nods to that. "COWER....IN FEAR! AS I DEMONSTRATE MY...TRUE.....POWAH!" The psx lunars are cake compared to the sega cd o
  2. Seek enlightenment here. 10 cool points to the first person who can remember the original topic of this thread. I know I'm an idiot. That was uncalled for. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go bury my face in chocolate ice cream and cry myself to sleep. I hope you're happy.
  3. Hey Zeal/JPG how is it going? Yes I remember pun and all the END/VDS folks. And yes, VDS (and all JK1 clans) were crap in the later days. VDS was awesome in its time though, so was END which was made by Hex. I think I was in both clans for a day hehe....yes I know I was a dirty little clan hopper lol... But vanion/hex and I all had fun with it.
  4. Wow, nice tracks! I've been away from these parts for a month or two...and I just looked at the Chrono Resurrection trailer and saw it was shut down by the Square-Enix nazis. It irks me to no end that the evil empire would wait until the people who put such effort into the project were THAT far into development to can the project. That shows absolutely no class whatsoever. Meanwhile, Square-Enix continues to push out craptacular games (FFX, FFX-2, FF Online where they STILL haven't made any money). What is their PROBLEM? Maybe if they'd LISTEN to their long time consumers they'd earn some fric
  5. I hear ya. There were like.....100 levels in that game. (In fact, I'm pretty sure it was 100 even) All you got at the end was like...a big arcadish- screen that said game over. -------------------- More boss shout outs: The BLOB in the 100 level maze from Lufia 2. (Snes) The Blob himself wasn't that tough, but you need to consider you've gone through ONE HUNDRED BLASTED LEVELS of hell, and are low on health/items etc. Dracula-Castlevania 1, and ONLY Castlevania 1 (Nes) If you killed his normal form, you got to fight the bloody demon thing he changes in to. The PSX Castlevania is a toughy as we
  6. Oh yes....forgot to mention- THE JAQUIO! (Again) from Ninja Gaiden II! He is the same bastard he was in the original, only now instead of flying directly back and forth at the top of the screen he ZIG ZAGS around in a big infinity-like formation and has fireballs that have even BETTER homing capacity......ARGH!
  7. Whomever mentioned the final three bosses from Ninja Gaiden (Nes) was pretty much dead on. First you had to fight your father by killing an orb in the middle of the room.....this was easy and could be done without getting hit. Then you had to fight the uber bitch- the JAQUIO! This bastard hovered back and forth shooting homing fireballs that did a piss load of damage if you hit either them or JAQ himself. Then it gets worse....you need to fight a HUGE FRICKIN' DEMON summoned by the Jaquio who uses two statues to bring forth this bloody thing. Not only is it a demon, but the FRICKIN' HEAD of th
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