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  1. I greatly enjoyed this piece. As mentioned earlier, I cannot help but think of Edward Scissorhands while listening to this one. You definitely feel the sorrow from that movie when you listen to this remix. I wonder if you were influenced by that soundtrack. If so, great work here.
  2. Being a fan of Vigilante and his work on both the Zebesian Midnight and his other Metal Gear Solid Remix, I had high hopes for this song. I'm glad to say, those expectations were well met. Great song to listen to while you write a paper for English.
  3. This is an excellent remix. The launch sequence separates this mix from all the others. It's definately the part you wanted to make stand out the most from the mix. It helps create the effect of blasting off in a mission. Good stuff right here.
  4. It doesn't matter what you call it, it will still make money just based on the name. It doesn't even matter if you call it "Final Fantasy: Slap Happy Summer Beach Ball Starring Squall & Co!", the game will still sell millions based just upon a name. Tis sad that Square has come to this though.
  5. I remember one of the Seymour boss battles in FFX being pretty hard. I believe it's the one on Kimahri's Mountain.
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