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  1. OMG... does anyone here happen to still have a copy of Gannon's Hollow? I'm the guy who wrote it, and I lost my only copy of it years ago... if anyone still has it, I'd be eternally greatful!
  2. You guys are too kind... I honestly, um, didn't like this one, lol. I love the beginning, but when the main melody kicks in, it just sounds too busy or something. Granted, I've learned a lot since then, so who knows... maybe I'll remake it some day. Also, just so you can all stop being nice about it, I frigging hate the ending too... don't ask me what I was thinking... I stole the idea from this really cool acid jazz remix I once heard, and while it worked well for them, it didn't work well for me. Blah. I'm glad everyone likes it though. Wait 'till you hear my new remix I just submitted
  3. I just wanted to say thanks to all of you guys who love this song! To the two people who had issues, I will address you now ::grins:: Adhesive_Boy, I thank you for your honesty. This remix was done back when I was still not too proficient with my software, so that sample did get a little out of hand... I wasn't good at getting things to mix yet. Honestly, all of my remixes arise from fits of boredom, so I never take them too seriously. Hopefully you've enjoyed some of my other work... and don't diss the ending to Winds of Time if you've heard it, cuz I don't like it either... I stole the
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